2048 civilization building puzzle review

Nowadays the magical world of internet is bustling with millions of games. You can see a new game on internet almost after every few seconds. Social media is also playing very important part in promoting brand new video games. Now if you want to play a video game then you don’t need any sort of CD or DVD to upload it.

All you have to do is to go online and download the game you want from the group of numerous games. Included in this vast group of unlimited games is a famous game known by the name of 2048 civilization building puzzle. Although most of the games gain fame but staying number one for a long time is a very difficult task. Only few of the games gain the position to stay on most wanted list for a long time. It is one of those games that ruled the hearts of young and old for a long time.

Created by the Cowbeans, this game is totally different and unique in an appealing sort of way. If you have special interest in playing tile games or building blocks games then this game would be very interesting for you. You can build your own empires in this game. You can move the tiles by sliding them from one place to another.

How to play?

For the starters this game is based on a land block where you have to create your civilizations by swiping the tiles from one place to another. If you have a great taste for adventure then this game is really going to excite you. And if you are searching for an exciting building game then your search is going to stop at this game. Playing this game is not a big issue; even a four year old child could easily play this game. This game is basically played on a plot or land block that is created from the tiles. All you have to do is to use your index finger to move the tiles from place to another. If you want to shove the tiles in a particular direction then just slide them with your finger. Then you have to create your own empire of different civilizations. When the two tiles of same form and nature collide with each other then you will be totally amazed to see them transform in a new tile of highest nature. The more civilizations you create, the more your score will increase.


The graphics used in 2048 civilization building puzzle are totally awesome. The game consists of an attractive green coloured plot. Different sort of coloured symbols have been created in the game. These symbols represent urban houses, high buildings and beautiful gardens.  The plot consists of light green tiles that could be moved from one place to another in order to create civilizations. Dull red coloured houses are used while creating the civilizations. Small sized green trees are used to show the greenery in the empires. The overall effect of these graphics is very entertaining and refreshing.


The updated 1.01 version is available on all the Android phones. This game was uploaded on 5th of February, 2015. As this game is a full time entertainment for all the mobile users, it is receiving great positive reviews from all the people who played this game. Most of the game players have ranked this game at 3 or 4 stars. For more information visit us play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cowbeans.civilization2048.