Dmitri Chavkerov Tries to Stop Scammers

Today, there are over a million people using, or rather trading on Forex.  The figures probably top a billion people because Forex is a platform to be used all over the world and to be honest, many use Forex.  However, it is not just the most experienced trader, many average 9 to 5 men and women are using Forex as a way to gain a little extra.

Forex is the best trading platform in the world because it can allow everyone the chance to trade and be successful.  However, it can be a fantastic trading tool as, there is really so much potential.  Though it does seem as though unregulated brokers are the people giving Forex a bit of a bad reputation!  Even though Forex is the biggest trading platform, that doesn’t mean it is safe from scammers because scammers are everywhere.

A good number of brokers on Forex haven’t been regulated and a small majority of these people are scamming honest people looking to use the Forex trading market.  Of course, in most other trading platforms such as stocks, bonds and a few others, there are rules saying that the brokers need to be regulated.  Throughout the world, most brokers are but there are still a small majority that haven’t been and it is becoming more and more of a problem especially on Forex.  The reason why is because they do not follow the regulations and help to scam people instead.

For those brokers in the Forex market, they don’t have any set rules to say they should be regulated which can cause problems, including the scammers to appear from the wood work.  However, Dmitri Chavkerov has tried to help put a stop to these people because they are damaging the good work of Forex and the potential for others to be successful.

Dmitri Chavkerov set up Forex Peace Army, a website that has been dedicated in bringing you the best news and updates about trading tips and signals from trading in Forex.  What is more, there are sections created for you to find out which Forex companies are trying to scam people so he has certainly helped a lot of people.

Though, Dmitri Chavkerov started out small and for a very long time, he wasn’t sure whether anyone would listen to him or not, but he wanted to air his opinions.  So he created his own website – which was later named Forex Peace Army; and he just started out with a few honest reviews and opinions about the companies he tried out.  Then he built his website as others wanted to get their viewpoint across and did very well.



Many scammers who don’t like the fact they have been caught out, try to make Dmitri Chavkerov out to be the bad guy in all this when in reality they are! Dmitri Chavkerov has done his very best to provide all users with accurate and real honest information about the Forex Market and scammers that lurk around every corner too!