Star Wars Is Releasing the Force Awakens Soon

Space and its hidden truths, mysterious and other worlds have always been the point of interest for human beings. Owing to the inability to explore the space completely man has always been hypothesizing, imaging and plotting the scenes about the space. In order to fulfill the suspense, adventure and lust of the audience regarding the space, its past, future and its mysteries Star wars is working with trustworthy efforts in the film media sector. Star wars is the best kind of film series that is showing the exploration of the space world in form of the galaxy worlds where people are found in weird forms defending their views in form of evil and good goals.



Star wars was first released in 1977 when George Lucas released the movie initially with the intention of showing the epic space effectively. This adventurous film series has been appreciated by a large number of people although there has been some positive criticism about the series but is fans have neglected all such kinds of critics who are speaking words against the movies. Star wars broke records of popularity and fames with in days and nowadays star wars movies are considered as pyramids of authenticity in movie theatre.



Star wars media used lightsaber colors in order to produce effects of more suspense, adventure and thrill in their movies. The lightsaber colors used in star wars movies were namely red, blue and green which produced very beautiful effects on application however, the combination of these three lightsaber colors were used in original trio logy star wars whereas later on prequel star wars also used purple to add more effects and beauty to the movies. The lightsaber colors are used only for beauty or affectivity in movies and tend to be used just as we used the strong beam lights of different colors at various places in cities and other areas. The main intention behind such kind of colors is just the beauty and no further functionality is known for these kinds of lightsaber colors.



The force awakens is the upcoming movie of the star wars series. It is also known to be called as the VII serial movie of the star war series. Many famous and awesome artists are working in the movie to make it the most successful movie of the series till now. It is the upcoming movie of star wars after The Return of the Jedi in 1983.  Walt Disney studio motion pictures are collaborating with the producer and other members in order to release and distribute the movie effectively. In December, 2015 the Force Awakens will be released for the audience and people are showing their anxious feelings about the release of the movie. There are different kinds of expectations of people about the movie however almost all the fans are equally saying that the movie will be much better and effective than the previous movie of star wars series. John Williams has composed the music of the upcoming movie in a fantastic way.