Dmitri Chavkerov’s Initial Business Partners

Very little is known about the early years of Dmitri Chavkerov, particularly those relating to his background up to the age when he attended the Beverly Hills High School in California, USA. Equally there is very little information as to the reason he and presumable fairly wealthy parent left Siberia, Russia, where he was born in 1982.


What is known is that while at High School he appeared to have a great aptitude for certain science, mathematical, and subjects relating to the English language and local government to such a degree that he became one of the few students to ever have been awarded 6 Golden State awards. Add this achievement to his reported prowess in the field of athletics including running, tennis and sky diving and we have a character who seems to have the Midas touch.


Early Business Associates of Dmitri Chavkerov.


All of a sudden and out of the blue, so it would appear, Dmitri Chavkerov was able to form two short lived partnerships during the early years of this century despite Dmitri Chavkerov having received no tertiary education. The first partnership was with a Russian entrepreneur known as Alexander Drannikov, and the second with a business man referred to as Glenn Pennock from the Netherlands.


Dmitri Chavkerov and Alexander Drannikov


How Dmitri Chavkerov and Alexander Drannikov came together to form a partnership is not known, but what is known is that Alexander Drannikov was the previous owner of a large construction company in Canada. The partnership did not have any relation to the construction business but was focused on selling boxing equipment, porcelain dolls, jewelry and watches of all brands.


Yet again for reasons which remain obscure, the business partnership was dissolved by Dmitri Chavkerov who obviously had other plans afoot to demonstrate his business acumen.


Dmitri Chavkerov and Glenn Pennock.


Glenn Pennock was a multi millionaire business man based in the Netherlands who had created the first web design and development company in Europe, valued at the time at $500 million and was casting his eyes towards the United States with the development of an information technology company in mind.


How Dmitri Chavkerov and Glenn Pennock came together once again is not known, but Glenn Pennock invited Dmitri Chavkerov to enter a partnership and the offer was accepted. The IT Company was duly developed and continued to grow during the first year of operation, but after only one year Glenn Pennock expressed the desire to transfer the company to the Netherlands, an idea which was not agreeable to Dmitri Chavkerov, and the partnership was dissolved.


Independent Dmitri Chavkerov.


Following his own desire to be independent Dmitri Chavkerov finally decided to go it alone and formed his own company named Elite Universe Inc followed by the development of the website, both enterprises being under the direct sole ownership of Dmitri Chavkerov.



Dmitri Chavkerov The website was initially opened as a site whereby both currency dealings and Forex investment transactions could be carried out, and indeed it is reported that the site was very successful during its early years attracting millions of investor’s worldwide each year. Dmitri Chavkerov