What does Medical Negligence refer to?

Professionals of any field can make mistakes while performing their duties. Same holds true for healthcare system wherein medical and paramedical practitioners may get careless while providing medical treatment to the patients under their care and might cause them serious harms. Thus, medical negligence is actually the inability of practitioners to conform to the standards of healthcare system, and this inability proves detrimental for patients who may not only suffer physically but also mentally or psychologically. Various laws have been devisedso far in different states to address medical negligence instances. These laws allow the victims to seek recompense for their sufferings as well as losses they are inflicted with, but they also define a time limit for victims or their relatives to pursue compensations claims – after that specific period no medical negligence claim can be initiated.


There are particular tests and procedures specified in medical negligence law for verifying whether injuries suffered by the patients were caused by the negligence of medical practitioner. Some law practitioners have specialty in malpractice cases, so they can cope with all legal and medical details more efficiently. They also have better understanding of different kinds of medical negligence, and that what could be their possible reasons or implications. Depending upon the diversity of negligence cases, malpractice solicitors also have a wide range of specialties – some lawyers are expert in dealing with misdiagnosis cases while some have experience in birth related negligence cases. So, it is a wise approach to find a medical negligence lawyer with a specialty pertinent to your case.


Instead of deceasing, the number of medical negligence instances is on continues rise in United Kingdom. Although medical technology has become so advanced and medical education and training is also up to date, even then malpractice is getting rampant in modern world. However, there might be different reasons why healthcare system is plagued with such careless practices that result in harms and injuries to patients. One of the most plausible reasons is over-pressure that is always hanging over and making medical practitioners prone to errors, and while dealing sensitive and serious medical cases this pressure can get manifold hence increasing the risks of medical negligence. Everyone can make mistakes, but the reason why medical mistakes are inexcusable is their impact on patients’ health and lives that could be endangered as a result.Therefore, as compared with the other walks of life medical practitioners are needed to be more careful and efficient in performing their healthcare duties.


The other reason that may account for increasing medical negligence instances is advent of various surgical technologies and medical procedures – cosmetic procedures are one of them.

Nevertheless, the healthcare authorities are getting more and more concerned about malpractice instances are planning tort reforms to tackle such issues more effectively. Sever penalties have been devised for negligent medical practitioners.




The increasing demand of such newly introduced procedures along with the dearth of qualified practitioners in these domains adds to the risks of medical negligence. Incompetent and inexperienced practitioners will fill the void and endanger many lives. So, incompetency of practitioners makes another valid reason behind prevalent medical negligence claims. Some surgeons and physicians are so non-qualified that they disregard important aspects of treatment and thus results in terrible injuries for patients.