An insight into Wrongful Death Medical Negligence Claims


This article touches upon some information about fatal malpractice cases and compensation claims. the people who lose their loved ones as a result of some medical negligence would find this content a great help for initiating a legal claim.

Are you thinking of initiating wrongful death medical negligence claim for compensating the loss of your loved one? Have you got all grounds to establish your claim? Though you have gone through a greatest grief -a sheer mistake or medical professional’s incompetency has doomed you to face unbearable loss, you must have strong basis for complaining against this act. There could be several reasonable grounds to instantiate medical negligence litigation such as wrongful or late diagnosis leading to worsening of patient’s condition, inadequate administering or prescription of medication, slipups or incompetence during critical surgeries, failure in detecting various infections despite visible symptoms, poor hygienic standards at hospitals or clinics, wrong dosage of anaesthetics, or incompetent monitoring or child and mother during labour etc. In all such circumstances wrongful death medical negligence lawsuits can be legally pursued where it can easily be proved that patient’s death could have been avoided had doctors not been careless.

You must also consider valid time period for medical negligence lawsuits in your region. The time conditions may vary in different areas, and if you talk about UK, here legally you have a time of 3 years after the incidence to sue this negligent act. However, sooner you take action, the more it will be in your interests. In view of the time taken by legal proceeding of medical negligence claims, you had better consider claiming against the avoidable death of your relative or spouse right after this mishap. Do not just delay by fearing the legal claim cost – all consultation and legal support is free of cost. Understandably, the misery of losing your dear ones cannot be shielded by any amount of recompense; but at least you can fight this harrowing accident which was very much preventable.

Only a negligible fraction of malpractice claims annually reported in United Kingdom are wrongful death medical negligence lawsuits, however, still this number is large enough to be worried about. As per legal terminology, any death can be termed as wrongful which is caused by mere negligence or carelessness of medical professionals, and which could be prevented were it not for incompetence of the liable medical practitioner, be it a nurse, doctor, surgeon or anyone else. Despite having caused a grave loss, wrongful death medical negligence litigations are not without legal complications. In keeping with ‘Fatal Accident Act’ set out in 1976, the claimants or their lawyers must be able to prove the case on balance of probabilities i.e. the medical professional claimed to be liable for wrongful death was really negligent in his duty of medical care towards the patient. It must then be shown that medical negligence was the primary cause of patient’s unfortunate death, and there was no other medical condition to compromise the life expectancy of the victim. To add credibility to this accusation of medical negligence and bolster your medical negligence compensation claims, the claimants can secure evidences from independent experts of the field whose authenticity would ensure the case success.



Obviously, it is not that easy to endure such loss of your loved one, especially if it transpires that the death was preventable. It could be hard to decide at these moments of distress that whom to trust on and how to go about winning medical negligence compensation. But owing to ‘no win no fee’ legal services available for the victims, you can hire expert legal services to pursue your claim without being intimated by any expense to this end. All of your financial losses and ramifications would be covered by your opponents in case you win wrongful death medical negligence claims.