Best Workout Routines for Men

Just like breathing, eating and drinking, exercise must be a part of your daily life. It is one of the most distinguishing characteristics of successful men. They take care of their fitness. They join gyms, they employ fitness trainers, follow diet plans and most of all they live a balanced life.

Successful people always try to find a perfect balance in their lives. Working 8 hours a day is important for your professional life but do not forget your health. Here are some easy workout routines you can follow.

3 times a week workout:

It is an easy routine. Choose 3 days in a week. They can be Saturday, Monday and Wednesday. Choose a time i.e. morning or evening and do cardiovascular exercise during this time.

What is a cardiovascular exercise?

Cardiovascular exercise is an exercise that can make your heart beat faster than usual. Here is an example. Go to your nearby park and start walking here. After 3 minutes, increase your speed. Do not try to take big steps. Instead walk with a fast pace. In the next 5 minutes, start running and keep running until your whole body is shaking. Slow down when you think it is enough.

It is a good exercise because it uses your whole body. It stretches the muscles in your leg and it is good for your backbone and hips.

Do not worry if you cannot go to a park. Take stairs. Walk on stairs for 20 minutes.

Gymnastic workouts:

The best exercise for a man can be gymnastic workouts like pushups and squats. When you begin your exercise routines, focus upon your legs and hips. Do exercises for lower body strength. Then gradually build your stamina and do upper body workouts.

It is better to join a gym but you can do your workouts at home too. Many exercises for glutes, hamstrings, and calves can be done by simple weight lifting.

Lower-body workout sample:

Lift heavy weights in your both hands and stand still. Separate your feet, your back bone should be erect. Take your left leg behind the right one and take 5 steps away from the right leg. Your elbows should be touching your ribs and your hands should be pointing toward your right leg. Stay there for 3 minutes. Now, bend your left leg but stand still on your right leg. Stay in this position for next 2 to 3 minutes. This exercise strengthens leg muscles, glutes and hamstrings. Do the same for your right leg.

Workout tips:                                                                                   

You can try many workout routines at home. Try to have fun during your fitness training. Because you cannot stick to any fitness program if you are not happy with it. Also make a schedule and stick with it. An example can be doing exercise on every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evening. Do not try to do cardio exercises for more than 45 minutes and also do not forget to drink a lot of pure water after your exercise.

Sleep well after you have finished your workout, because cardio vascular exercises affect your metabolism rate. When your metabolism rate is higher than usual, you burn more calories while you breathe and sleep. So take the advantage of this opportunity and enjoy the benefits of your exercise while you sleep. For more information please visit us on