Mount Baker resort- A perfect attraction for wilderness lovers!

If you have ever visited to the British Columbia, Vancouver, Washington or Bellingham you must stay at Mount Baker resort. However it is essential for the conditions to be really perfect as there is steam cloud which is coming from that Sherman crater. Mount Baker is indeed one of the most active volcanoes which add to attraction.

Mount Baker is located in the northern areas of US mountain ranges which seems to extend towards north California, Oregon and Washington. It is highly glaciated which means that there is a massive covering of glaciers because of mountains. This mountain is also known as ‘White Sentinel’ which is a name given by the Native Americans. It has heavy ice and snow covering as compared to all the other Cascades.  Mount Baker resort is considered as a great attraction because of the heavy snowfall which can add to its popularity allowing the skiers to come in huge numbers in winter season. In the year 1999 this place has a world record of having a massive snowfall in one season only. This snowfall is recorded to be the largest one up to date.

Why visit the Mount Baker resort?

There are numerous small towns which are dotting this region under the mountain. There are some of the big cities which are also located here known as the Bellevue and Seattle which are around 12 miles away. Similarly there is huge number of lodgings which are available for the tourists who visit every season so that they can enjoy the cascade’s beauty.

Mount Baker resort is obviously an entertaining place for the tourists who come here for snowboarding and skiing as well. Besides just visiting this place in winters there are also many tourists who come here in summers. There is not much here about hiking on this glacier. But still there are other activities which can surely be carried out on this place such as climbing the Mount Baker. However, this is really technical as climbing is not an easy task and even professional climbers find it difficult to climb on top of it. Therefore if you are skilled enough to climb then you must try climbing.

In summers people also visit this resort from around the world to check the ‘Butchart Gardens’. This is another perfect West Coast considered as a display garden and has a display of beautiful flowering plants throughout the year. It is considered as one of the attractive place as well to watch out for and is there for over 100 years!

How to reach Mount Baker resort?

You must visit this resort through Washington’s famous airport known as SeaTac from where it is only 12 miles further. Tourists can also drive from Seattle. Tourism is really popular in this area along with the well built infrastructure, motels, and hotels and also allows numerous people to come here and enjoy one of the world’s best natural beauties. The Mount Baker resort allows with numerous facilities to people who are visiting this rugged region. For more visit us