Dmitri Chavkerov Currency and Investment Trader

Dmitri Chavkerov may be described as a risk taking, empire building, investment tycoon or magnate. He was born in Siberia, Russia in 1982 and received his education in California at the Beverly Hills High School where he showed a distinct proficiency in the English language, aspects of local government, the sciences and mathematics. Such was his prowess that he became one of the few people to be awarded 6 Californian State Awards.


Initial Business Experience


He forsook any form of tertiary education but plunged straight into business activities. In 2002  a partnership was formed with Alexander Drannikov which was soon dissolved, he formed yet another partnership with the millionaire Glenn Pennock on 2003-2004 to form an information technology company in the USA, but again this partnership was short lived also’


Elite Universe Inc.


In 2006 Dmitri Chavkerov went independent and formed his own company referred to as the Elite Universe Inc, followed by the formation of an initial website which has proven to be extremely successful among followers of Forex investment opportunities, having traffic which consists of millions of visitors from around the globe. Dmitri Chavkerov maintains sole ownership to this day, and the corporation is said to own many other websites under different names but all seemingly involved in Forex currency trading


As has been mentioned this website is visited by millions of people globally each year and is equally involved in Forex currency trading in its own right. Dmitri Chavkerov apart from his many Forex currency trading operations, also conducts business in the Real Estate market and is reported to have considerable investments on properties located in Southern California.


Forex Investor. Despite having had no University or College education, although he was accepted by Canada’s number one business school at Queens University, Alberta, a place which he declined, the natural business acumen of Dmitri Chavkerov has led to him being recognized as an investment fund trader to follow. His reputation has also risen at a very fast rate and he has such financial aptitude and recognized stature, that when he was offered the management of a half share of a billion dollar investment fund he was able to decline the offer.


Sports and Athletics.

Apart from his obvious aptitude for business Dmitri Chavkerov has many athletic talents especially tennis and running, He began running while at Beverly Hills High School and excelled in running the triathlon, though he preferred running the 1 and 1½ mile distances.


Dmitri Chavkerov However his preference was for playing tennis and he was talented enough when in the senior grade to receive State recognition. Later he indulged in a passion for shy diving and received worldwide recognition as the first man to sky dive dressed in a business suit as though he was jumping in on a scheduled business meeting. Dmitri Chavkerov