Spend your quality time in a desert tour from Marrakech

Marrakech is considered to be as one of the most attractive cities that offer with numerous opportunities related to exploration of the Morocco’s beach resorts, desert areas, mountain ranges and countryside. There is a well connected and outstanding city from Marrakech which is really comfortable in travelling to the marvelous locations that include ‘Thousand Kasbahs’ located in Quarzazate region, visit to Quzoud Cascades or the rafting or trekking expedition in Qurika Valley.  There are some of the important places which you must know about when going through a desert tour from Marrakech. Some of these places are discussed below:

Quarzazate region:

The route towards this region via the Pass located on High Atlas and towards the eye-catching Kasbah is an amazing journey that provides with the first look of a Sahara Desert along with a great chance of visiting the Kasbahs that are built by the tribes who at one stage ruled these regions of High Atlas. Besides that there is another beautiful place known as UNESCO site of World Heritage that is another impressive fortified village. It consists of earthen buildings collection surrounded by walls. There are houses that are crowded together in these defensive walls reinforced by those corner towers. In this region of Quarzazate you cannot miss a chance of visiting the studio of Atlas film where most famous films shoots are done as well.

Ourika Valley trip:

Ourika valley is located to the south of Marrakech which is another colorful landscape. It is full of waterfalls and valleys and is advancing through the Haouz plain’s green orchards with the permanent view of Atlas Mountains. From there you can easily reach the beautiful Ourika valley. On your way towards the Setti Fatma there is a chance of admiring the weird beauty of those Berber villages that are built in the clay in the 17th and 16th centuries and are hanging to those hills. On reaching that place you cannot surely miss the chance of visiting the Moroccan house which is a traditional one and there you can also experience the traditional way of living by the Berber. If you are looking for an adventure and action, it is really possible to enjoy your day with the rafting expedition in this valley. There are rapids available here that are surrounded by ochre and emerald landscapes along with a crowning done through impressive Atlas Mountains outline.

Ouzoud cascades:                           

The waterfalls here are stunning for your eye sight and are located in the southern part which is surrounded by the luxuriant and exuberant vegetation. These cascades are more than 300 feet high and are dropping vertiginously on the platforms which allow the projecting of water drops in the air that creates the rainbow shade. To reach these cascades, you will have to drive your way through the Kasbahs. On your way you will find the deep valleys and beautiful views of Jbel Ghat and Jbel Azoukri mountains that are topped with snow capped mountains of Atlas. You must surely visit this place.Visit us for more information rakadventuremarrakech.com/.