Backgammon App- How To Play

Watching movies and television shows or outdoors activities are not the only way to enjoy. You may adopt other means of entertainmentwhich are more convenient, such as, playing game on your iPhone. There is no game on earth which is not available on iPhone.Both small and large sized games are downloaded and played by millions of mobile phone users. You may play any sort of game on your phone because there are games of all kinds developed by professional software developers these days. You can even play backgammon on your iPhoneduring free time at work or at home.


The history of this game goes back to the ancient Egyptians who designed this special board with the diamond shaped elongated figures at various points. At first glance, you may feel as if it is a very difficult game and that it is hard to play. But as you get to understand the rules of the game it will grow more and more interesting.Just like chess, the game involves two players who try to conquereach other’s territory by hitting the checkers at various points. The main goal of the game is to score more and have the checkers moved across the board quickly as compared with the opponent.


Unlike the old days, you do not require a backgammon board these days as its application is available for your iPhone set. Allyou need is the backgammon app setup and free time on your hand. The game might look complicated in the first glance but when you start playing it you would get to understand it in a better way. Havingthis application saves you the time needed to be spent on finding a worthy opponent against whom you can find a competition and rejoice your victory. The game is played through dice and a board with checkers on it at various positions.


When you are playing backgammon for iPhone you do not require additional stuff. The screen shows you the positioning of your as well as your opponent’s checkers as well as the scores you obtain on each dice roll. The game is initiated by placing the checkers at their right positions. Then both opponents roll their dice and the one having greater number of score proceeds with the initiation of the game. As the dice is cast every time the number appearing in front of the player needs to be moved.


While playing backgammon for iPad you need to touch the checker which youwish to move. The checker will displace its position for the points obtained as a result of the rolling of dice. In the end the person who succeeds in hitting the enemy checkers and finding its way into the enemy testator wins. The game improves mental skills of the players by passing them through hard decisions and enables them to make decision about when and how to take risk. The movement of your checkers depends upon the points you obtain by rolling the dice every time. backgammon for iPhone