How to substantiate a cerebral palsy related medical negligence claim?


It is all about cerebral palsy and all common medical negligence instances that contribute to develop such brain damaging conditions. By reading through the content you will also find a help for cerebral palsy legal claims.

Do you know any surgical errors during the labour could cause severe ailments like cerebral palsy to your child? Yes, it is happening and a lot many cerebral palsy claims are being reported every year. Let me apprise you of common medical negligence that could lead to inflict cerebral palsy like conditions on your child, for instance inadequate supervision of breathing rate and heartbeat of baby; failure in diagnosing obvious symptoms of jaundice, poor skin colour, or glycaemia; delayed treatment of conditions like meningitis; undiagnosed brain problems during the development of foetus; delay in child delivery in case of irregular heart-beat; or failing in identifying obvious distress symptoms during complicated delivery. Any of the above mentioned condition could provide grounds for cerebral palsy medical negligence claims.

There can be different forms of cerebral palsy, as it is an umbrella term referring to a huge range of conditions and disorders that can potentially affect muscle control, voluntary movement or coordination.  Usually, cerebral palsy related medical negligence claims are filed against three different cerebral palsy conditions: ataxic, dyskinesia, and spastic. Each one of this classification is different in terms of its incidental impacts such as severity of immobility/disability, impacts on development and skills of motor, and extent of learning handicap.So, different cerebral palsy claims are dealt differently depending upon the severity of brain damage caused at the time of infancy and the level of inflicted condition. In majority of cases, the symptoms of cerebral palsy do not get apparent before certain development stages when child shows his problems. You can make medical negligence claims only in circumstances where it is reasonable to suspect that this condition was preventable if detected earlier by medical professional.

It is mainly because of oxygen deficiency at time of birth causing some brain damages which may in turn inflict the child with cerebral palsy. Most of the times, children acquire this condition for no obvious reason, thus it is not possible to make cerebral palsy related medical negligence claims against medical professionals – even if all medical staff works with great care and caution, cerebral palsy condition is not avoidable in all cases. However, the risk of developing this condition in children gets manifold if gynaecological and obstetric staff remains negligent during child delivery and pays no special heed to involved complications and warning signs. According to estimates,1 out of 400 new-born babies in UK acquires this condition due to medical negligence, but only a few of such cases are followed by cerebral palsy claims.

No parents would ever want to see their child suffering from this disabling condition, and when it is obvious that this condition has been provoked by some preventable medical malpractice, it becomes extremely harrowing. Cerebral palsy medical negligence claims can help to certain extent ease the agony felt by the child and his parents.But for following a legal case, there must be proofs to show that there has been some birth complication or insufficient oxygen supply during the child delivery leading to cerebral palsy. Your child condition and his medical reports would vividly speak of the treatment decisions made at his birth time, and it is up to the expertise of your solicitor that how he proves your claim against cerebral palsy related medical negligence.




Right from the date when cerebral palsy condition is confirmed in your child, you as his parents can pursue cerebral palsy medical negligence claims if you attribute this condition to some medical negligence. But if no such compensation claim is filed before child’s eighteenth birthday, then he/she can independently file a claim within a period of three years afterwards. On proving medical negligence, cerebral palsy sufferers get enough compensation to make their life as easy as possible.