What is the ForexPeaceArmy Website?

If by chance you are sitting in the departure lounge of an airport in Florida waiting for a flight heading North, and you enter into conversation with a pleasant looking and knowledgeable young man, who relates that he is a financial businessman, is a Russian national born in Siberia in 1982, and educated in California at the Beverly Hills High School, then it’s highly likely that you are chatting to Dmitri Chavkerov.


He may continue to tell that he was fortunate enough to be rewarded with 6 Golden State awards in recognition of his academic achievements and that he has a keen interest in athletics and tennis, and further relate a story about him having sky dived from an airplane while dressed in a business suit and carrying a mobile phone. If this is the case then indeed you are chatting to Dmitri Chavkerov.


Business Activities of Dmitri Chavkerov.


When he was eighteen years old he ventured into a couple of short lived business partnerships, first with Alexandra Drannikov a wealthy business man previously involved in the construction business, and later with a millionaire business man from the Netherlands who was planning on setting up an information technology business in the US.


In 2006 Dmitri Chavkerov went independent and formed the Elite Universe Inc Company and a website, ForexPeaceArmy.com, designed to carry out currency trading and Forex investment deals online, for the benefit of himself, traders, and clients.


The website was very successful and attracted the attention of millions of clients from around the world, some of whom became wealthy as a result of their online financial activities, and the ForexPeaceArmy website rapidly became among the frontrunners of other similar Forex websites.


What is the Forex Website?


It is currently estimated that the ForexPeaceArmy.com is probably the highest quality website and contains the biggest data base than any other similar website, having approximately 37.000 reviews out of a total of about 3,200 Forex companies.


The ForexPeaceArmy.com website has many niches which are dedicated to being of the utmost use to its user clients. It offers free access to daily trading financial statistics based on the latest news releases relating to economic information, sets of first class information relating to the important aspects of currency trading, and includes free online courses involving all aspects of online currency trading and Forex transactions for people who are relatively new to the game, or those who have a little more knowledge and experience.


The ForexPeaceArmy.com website also includes a dictionary of market trading terms commonly used by traders, and a Traders Court whereby users can complain and perhaps get their problems resolved after having failed to get any satisfaction from the trading company involved.


There is an interactive ‘Scam Alert’ facility whereby clients can register alarms and seek advice of they become suspicious of any other Forex company who may be involved in any type of scam activity.


For further information about the Dmitri Chavkerov the address is ForexPeaceArmy.com or you can contact Dmitri Chavkerov directly using convenient contact form.