Birth negligence claims filed by the Mother of the Child


The article above brings to light some of the most notable facts that are associated with birth negligence claims involving mothers.

Although pregnant mothers are responsible for giving life to babies, they may sometimes be victims of clinical negligence. This is definitely a very unfortunate occurrence that has to be avoided as much as possible. If you or your relative has happened to be a victim of clinical error, you can be among the many who have filed birth negligence claims. One thing to note about birth negligence claims is that they involve both the mother and the baby inside the mother’s womb. This is exactly what makes such clinical negligence claims very special in the eyes of the judges in the courts of law. But, this passage focuses on the birth negligence claims that involve mothers only.

What are that birth negligence claims involve the mothers only? Basically, birth negligence claims that involve mothers only are claims against clinical negligence that involve clinical errors that the mother had incurred during birth, without causing any injuries to the baby. In this case, the baby is said to be safe even if the mother may be in need of immediate medical attention. When the mother is the victim of a birth injury, she is free to file a claim for compensation against the medical practitioner involved. This may be a midwife, a medical doctor or a nurse. It may also be any other medical practitioner who may have a role to play in the delivery process.

Not all birth injuries may attract birth negligence claims. There are certain examples of clinical errors that are caused during birth that may not attract a successful claim for compensation. This is particularly because they are not as serious as the law requires. For example, some birth tears may be acceptable for as long they were not avoidable. For such birth tears, it would be meaningless to file a claim for compensation against the medical practitioners involved. On the other hand, some birth injuries cannot go without being accompanied by birth negligence claims. Examples of such cases are severe birth tears and excessive bleeding caused by birth tears.



Like all claims for compensation against a clinical error, birth negligence claims also involve the gathering of evidence. The patient involved must ensure that one has enough evidence to convict the medical practitioners involved. If one does not have the capacity to gather evidence, one may seek help from a reliable lawyer. The lawyer may ask the patient the appropriate questions which are aimed at enabling her to single out a few points which may be close enough to the evidence that the lawyer may be looking for. All  birth negligence claims  rely on the evidence at hand for the judges in the courts of law to pass a ruling in the favor of the patient. Based on the reasons above, every patient with a claim for compensation must make sure that one has gathered as much evidence as possible.