The Enigmatic Dmitri Chavkerov

For anyone who has an inkling of the background of Dmitri Chavkerov then they will all probably agree that the gentleman is a little ‘different’ from the norm. Lets face it is not usual behavior for a business man to perform a sky dive from an airplane dressed up in a business suit!




So just who is Dmitri Chavkerov? Dmitri may be described as a risk taking business tycoon, or empire building magnate, who seems to be successful at whatever activity to which he turns his hand. Some may disagree with that statement including a few who have suffered financially as a result of partaking in some of his enterprises, though from his point of view he was successful.


Birth and Education.


Dmitri Chavkerov was born in Siberia, Russia in 1982 but immigrated to the USA where he received his education in California at the Beverley Hills High School. Due to his academic prowess in Mathematics, English language, Local Government, Chemistry, and Biology he was awarded Californian State Golden Awards in all subjects, perhaps a portent of things to follow later in his life.


Following High School graduation Dmitri Chavkerov was accepted by Queens University, Alberta, then considered to be the best business school in Canada. However he never followed through at Queens University choosing to form various business partnerships throughout 2002 and 2004 firstly with a fellow Russian businessman Alexander Drannikov involving the marketing of electronic goods and jewelry.


The Early Years


Throughout 2003-2004 following the break up of the partnership with Drannikov he entered a fresh business arrangement with Glenn Pennock of the Netherlands and became in the development of the start up of an information technology company in the US. Dmitri turned down an offer by Glenn Pennock at the time of the transfer of the IT Company from the US to the Netherlands opting to finish the relationship and go his own way.



Dmitri Chavkerov the Individual.


The man, apart from his business activities was also an athlete. His particular likings were for running and tennis. He was a member of the High School track and field events team with a good talent for running the mile, also being a member of the Beverley Hills Tennis team when on reaching senior grade he achieved state ranking.


The Later Years.


In 2005 Dmitri decided to go independent and launched his own company known as the Elite Universe Inc, followed by the formation of his website in 2006. This website was to become what is the largest Forex review globally with millions of visits each day worldwide. The website is owned by Elite Universe Inc, and both operations are exclusively owned by Dmitri Chavkerov, which perhaps reflects the business acumen of the man gained at a young age and with only a few years experience. During 2007 his reputation as a financial entrepreneur was recognized by the markets when he was invited to manage 50% of a billion dollar investment fund, an offer which he turned down. Dmitri Chavkerov.