Forex Peace Army Tries To Prevent Unregulated Brokers Defrauding the Industry

Brokers throughout the country and indeed the world are regulated.  This is how the usual practice works for those who wishes to become brokers in most financial markets.  In the trading world of stocks, bonds and even commodities, most brokers have to be regulated which helps to ensure they are legal and above board when they trade and practice their skills.  However, Forex is a little different.


In the Forex market, most brokers do not need to be regulated.  In fact, a good majority of all brokers trading in the Forex market have not been regulated at all which is almost a risk.  However, Forex is so big that it means most brokers don’t really need to look at becoming regulated in order to work successfully in the Forex market.


There are literary thousands; millions of new comers each year making their way into the Forex trading market and that sort of present a problem because they are at their most vulnerable.  The new comers don’t know who they can trust and many are getting scammed out of their money before they have even started trading.  However, many don’t understand about unregulated brokers or about dishonesty going on in the trading world.


However, the website, Forex Peace Army could be the tool to help millions of new comers and even experienced traders to get proper advice.  This is the site to look at when it comes to getting the latest trading advice and signals as well as trading help.  This is one of the most trusted websites because it is a site where an experienced trader gives their own honest opinion and lets others review and share their own opinions about the Forex platforms.


The Forex Peace Army website started in 2005 in which the creator, Dmitri Chavkerov, formed a site that offered real opinions.  It was a small website that grew and rated all of the different Forex companies the owner have dealings with and had honest opinions about.  He, Dmitri, was later asked to post other people’s reviews and more honest reviews were posted.


An option for traders to get the owner’s personal trading views was also set up via email which was a lot of help for many.  What is more, the site was offering free Forex trading signals which was the first of its kind as everyone else was charging a lot of money for this; so this really helped to boost the site and its good reputation.


The Forex Peace Army website even has a place to go to in which has actual Forex scams listed!  Of course, before anything has been called a scam, a thorough process has been gone through with a lot of information being gathered and the scammed people getting into contact with the site.  Then the companies being accused of scamming is contacted giving them the chance to respond, needless to say, the site does go through a vigorous investigation in order to confirm if a company is defrauding someone. Forex Peace Army.