Scam Forex Broker Steals Medicine Money – Forex Peace Army Investigates

Forex is such a big worldwide known name.  However, that doesn’t always mean the people who use it or trade through it will actually be honest and legitimate.  For many traders they have to deal with constant worries and concerns over how to spot scammers and fraudsters.  Though, unless you personally know the person, the broker, who is holding your money for you to trade with, you, can almost risk everything.


You have to hand over your money to a complete stranger basically and let them handle your money which is a little disconcerting because do you really know the person you are handing your money to?  Of course not!  You don’t know anyone or what they are capable of doing either unless they are family and even then, you don’t want to hand over your money.  Then again, millions of people each year hand over their money, sometimes large sums of money, life savings to a Forex broker.


How safe is this?  Well, this is certainly not always the safest person to handle your money even if it’s in a Forex broker account.  One man did exactly this; he deposited his family life savings into a Forex broker account and lost everything.  He could not pay for the medicine to save his mother’s life and as a result, she died. 


A lot of people would say this is just an excuse, a sad story but in reality, this is the dangers of using unregulated brokers.  This is why Forex Peace Army have stepped up their campaign to end scammers and fraudsters from being able to work in the Forex trading market.  This is of course not going to be easy but it is something the website has been fully behind. 


Forex Peace Army has been set up to help others who need help to learn about trading safely on Forex as well as get to know the scammers out there.  They have been working tirelessly to identify which Forex companies are scammers.  They have been able to do this for years and they are still continuing because the man behind the site doesn’t want the scammers to continue to take hard working people to the cleaners.


Of course, Forex Peace Army has found numerous honest unregulated brokers that are amazing and don’t take your money and run.  They have found many that are good at honouring their agreements and do their job basically and have good healthy relationships with their clients.  It’s worth noting that Forex Peace Army recognizes there are plenty of good brokers who have been regulated and who haven’t that are good to use but there are also the scammers.




Forex Peace Army has helped to identify dozens – possibly hundreds of scammers and unregulated brokers.  This why more and more people are looking at Forex Peace Army for some guidance; and they do even offer a free Forex Peace Army trading course on their website to help any trader to learn a little more about Forex.