What does influence the worth of your medical negligence compensation?


It illustrates all the points that might dictate the value of compensatory awards a medical negligence claimant would win. If you are up to seeking your legal entitlements, this article will provide you a rough estimation of resulting awards.

While great medical advancements have been made, doctors and surgeons are more trained and proficient than ever, the medical negligence cases are still on rise. Despite the efforts made by almost all healthcare professionals to provide their patients with best possible care and treatment, mistakes, however, can come about. Though it is quite justified to say that relationship between doctor and patients now enjoy and increased frankness and openness, still many of the patients remain unaware of the happening of a malpractice as there is no obvious injury or damage. Lack of medical awareness also plays a role often in keeping victims ignorant of medical negligence happened to them. However, in case of mistakes leading to serious physical or psychological damages, patient’s unawareness of what has happened is disastrous.

Whenever you receive some unexpected injury while being medically treated, try to know the cause of your sufferings;it could be mistreatment, misdiagnosis, a botched surgery, poor after-care or some other medical negligence responsible for your injuries. If it is so, do not let it go unclaimed. Being afflicted with undue illness or damages caused by the mistakes of your doctors, you are rightfully eligible to file claim against it and get proportionate compensations. Many of the victims are seen to be reluctant in reporting medical negligence cases against the liable doctors or other healthcare professionals, particularly against their general practitioners. The reason is mainly the close relationship with their doctors which stops the patients from going against then even after facing detrimental negligent treatment. Such victims should remember that all of these medical professionals are protected by liability insurances and they are to face the music in case of committing medical negligence no apprehension should stop the victims speaking for their rights. Suing a doctor or NHS does not mean financially hurting the liable individual directly; in fact it is their insurance company who is going to pay the loss.

It is not that easy to claim compensation against medical negligence; there are a lot of complexities and technicalities involved in the process. Thus, it would be a good idea to seek the help of some legal professional to crack the hard nut of negligence claims. It is the experienced handling of these cases by qualified lawyers which can ensure the success. Once it is decided that which lawyer is going to represent your medical negligence claim in the court, and then the question arises about how much amount you are entitled to receive as compensation? There are multiple factors that determine the compensation amount for a victim in malpractice cases. The major factor is the extent of injuries or damages endured by the victim, be it physical or emotional. The severity and longevity of claimant’s suffering provide basis for it.  For example a medical negligence case wherein a doctor misdiagnoses a cancer patient leading to a delay in required treatment would result in higher compensation than that in the event of some error made by a surgeon during operation which causes less severe and recoverable injuries.


It is obviously not any science to decide compensation amount, but it is on judge to decide how much would be paid in a particular medical negligence claim – it may start from thousands of pounds to millions. To date, the largest amount paid as negligence compensation is 5 million pounds that were granted to a boy inflicted with brain damage as a result of some malpractice during birth. It cannot be said certainly that victims influenced by some medical negligence would receive certain compensation money. It is decided varyingly for each malpractice claim.