Fabulous and classic embroidered dresses

Mexicans make numerous cultural sectors within the nation. The most collective one classifies northern, central, and south or south-eastern Mexico. On a smaller scale the Mexican nation has habitually been categorized by strong provincial and local cultural individualities. Spanish is the official language of Mexico.

Mexican Spanish has its roots in the Spanish of Spain. In a Mexican embroidered dress, you look becomes classical with an ancient style. Usually, embroidered dresses are by innovative women and housewives. The embroidered patterns like flowers and other signs were formerly copied from figures in the construction of churches built more than 200 years ago. You can commonly find flowers, leaves, and birds. While it has progressed to other more cultured figures from the mix of cultures with forms of peacocks and complete flower provisions. Mostly part of Mexico ladies use vintage flower brooches on dresses.

Some examples of beautiful Mexican Embroidered Dresses

·         Puebla dresses

In Puebla dresses you will typically find embroidery in the neck, in the center middle of the dress, and also in the back at shoulder level where there are small details on both sides. The process in the middle of the dress is usually with flowers in many colors.

·         San Antonio Embroidered dress

In San Antonio Embroidered dress its now famous thanks to its extensive embroidery and beauty. It got its name from the town of San Antonio Castillo Velasco which is near Ocala Morelos in the state of Oaxaca. The style contains of very small and continuous flower patterns.

Vintage flower brooches are used in Mexican jewelry as well as in Mexican embroidered dresses. These brooches are made up with silver mined in the vicinity and the skill of the townspeople. Designers such as Los Castillo, Margot von Voorhees Car and Antonio Pineda had an important role in the local industry which was considered by handcraftsmanship and bold designs. Stylistically, the jewelry is quite mixed with styles ranging from the bold pre Colombian to the more decorative Underhand with small tile work. There are even some solid Scandinavian inspirations to be found in some of the pieces.

The peak period of manufacture was between 1930 and 1970.The Chiapas typical dress is truly a unique work on the dresses in other parts of Mexico. Some people show that flowers represent the region variety, and they are embroidered on a black background which represents the dense jungle. The hair is pull back in buns and decorated with three flowers dressing the head. Flowers on the left side mean the woman is single, and flowers on the right mean the woman is married.

The final details are a fan with lace details, chain gold for jewelry and a rope tied in your arms and Mexican jewelry as well as in Mexican embroidered dresses. These brooches are made up with silver mined in the vicinity. Mexican dress and jewelry are world famous. Now these are easily available in the international market.