Looking for something to keep your kid's attention? K5H games are your solution!

If you are a parent, you must know how hard it is to keep your kid's attention and make him or her calm. It seems that playing games are the only way, regardless of if it is in reality or online. However, online games provide more choice and differentiation, which will surely make your kid more interested in it. K5H games have thousands of different content games with different, appealing graphics and characters which will represent an endless source of fun and entertainment for the kid. There are different topics of the games, where both girls and boys will find what suits them the best.

For example, driving cars game has always been popular, among both boys and girls. On K5H games, kids can enjoy “Tunnel Car Rush“, where two opponents have a competition whose car will reach the target the first. The time is limited. However, additional competitive spirit is boosted by having the opportunity to collect bonuses which give special features.

“Ben 10 Kung Fu“ is another very popular martial arts based K5H online game, where Ben 10, popular hero among children, becomes a Kung Fu hero. However, he needs your help to beat his opponents.

“Marine Assault“ is a shooting adrenaline game. Mostly, boys will like it, since it is based on war techniqes and defending your base from invading marines.

Girls will surely enjoy some of the games created specially for them, such as dress up, make up artist, cooking, baby care or hair styling K5H games. One of the most popular ones, “Barbie Doll Dress – up“ offers girls to choose the outfit of the most popular doll ever, Barbie. There are different styles, colours and types of clothes, including girls' favourite ball dresses which will keep their attention as long as you allow them use the computer!

“Warrior Doll Dress-up“ is a more contemporary version of the Barbie Doll dress-up, since here, the doll has another role: she has to protect herself and her family from the enemies. Therefore, she needs a special outfit that will help her complete her mission. Girls are in charge: they have to choose the outfit to fit the warriors' needs.

“White Chocolate Berry Cheesecake“, where the players are guided through the famous recipe, starting with the necessary ingredients, up to decoration is another interesting game for girls, based on cooking skills. It would be marvelous if you could try it in the end as well!

“Baby Cinderella Shower“ is suitable for the youngest K5H's. In the game, baby Cinderella prepares for the day. You start by bathing her, choosing the dress, shoes, hairstyle and the last, but not the least, the perfect magic spell that will make her ready for the ball.

K5H games are a perfect way to make your kid enjoy and to keep his or her attention. They are suitable for both genders and do not support violence. Quite the opposite, they develop the natural child's preferances and teach him or her lots of interesting and useful things.