Methods To Achieve Pest Control


In the pursuit of maintaining your house clean and pest-free, one takes many measures. But not all of them are sure to get the pests away. With time, even pests have become resistant to many pesticides. Mechanical methods aren’t really a solution in pest control as one cannot really sit day long in running after each mouse and fly to shoo them away. There are two basic methodologies in achieving pest free environment. One is preventive methodology and other is curative.


Preventive methodology is used when one is sure of not having any pests in house. The motive now is to make sure the house isn’t infected in future too. Here are few small ways to achieve this;


i)                    Clean your house regularly. Use disinfectant and other chemicals in cleaning. Do not only dust and clean with water. This won’t assure the cleaning of bacteria.

ii)                   Keep your house dry. Most bacteria and pest creatures find humid places fit for a habitat. Make sure your house is moisture free in all corners around.

iii)                 Move your furniture once in six months and clean every nook and corner of the house. This will make sure you get rid of any pests in hidden areas.

iv)                 Basement has the maximum amount of pests in house. Be sure to clean it thoroughly once in a while too.

Curative methodology is used when one’s house is already infected by pests and they want to get rid of them. Even after this methodology is applied, one must keep pursuing the preventive methodology throughout life. There are two ways to achieve this, one is self and second is expert.

i)                    Self: Once you have identified the issue, check for pesticides in the market and use as per the directions suggested. There are food tablets available for rats, and sprays are available for cockroaches, flies and moths. Be sure your body and face is covered when you use pesticides. Do not inhale or have skin contact with any of those products. Read the manual thoroughly and follow it exactly. But you need to keep a close eye around. Once these are dead, the dead bodies should be disposed off immediately. Decomposing of bodies in the house can result in spreading bacteria and pathogens in the house.


Expert: There are service providers who have expertise in this field. A thorough research is done with all pests. They are well aware of the places where these pests infest. It is difficult to locate silver fish and bedbugs in house. They have specific instruments and methodology to do things right. They will also be able to guide you on how to be careful from pests in future. This might cost you some money, but you can rest assured that your house is in safe hands. Pest Control High Wycombe provides one of the best pest control services. Their methods are unique and proven. Their service includes exterminating all the pests that one’s house can have. Their staff is well equipped and they have good experience in this field.