Medical negligence claims that are associated with misdiagnoses


The article above provides a broad discussion of all forms of medical negligence claims that filed by patients who have been victims of misdiagnoses.

Medical diagnoses are one of the worst forms of clinical errors that have surfaced in the medical industry. They can cause the patient to lose one’s life. In some cases, the life of the patient’s family may change completely. There are many patients who have filed medical negligence claims on account of misdiagnoses. A good example of a misdiagnosis is a cancer misdiagnosis. All medical negligence claims that are based on the misdiagnosis of cancer are very serious.In most cases, they involve very serious cancer cases such as breast cancer. For example, consider a patient who happens to report symptoms of breast cancer, but whose diagnosis report depicts that the cancer cells are absent. Such a diagnosis error can cause very severe outcomes. For example, suppose the patient does not seek farther medical attention, what can happen? There are two possible outcomes of such a clinical error. First of all, the patient may die because the treatment time will be reduced. Unlike many other diseases, cancer is a disease that can only be treated within a certain time frame. For this reason, it can be very hard and usually impossible for the cancer to be treated if it is not diagnosed early enough. On the other hand, it is possible for the cancer to deteriorate to extremes that are hard for the patient to bear.

Most medical negligence claims that are filed on the basis of cancer misdiagnosis involve deceased patients. The reason for this is simple and straight forward. Cancer treatment relies greatly on the treatment time. For this reason, it is very hard to treat a patient whose cancer has been misdiagnosed and whose misdiagnosis does not get corrected before the disease enters the terminal state. That is why most medical negligence claims involving cancer misdiagnosis may not be filed by the patients, but by their families. Sometimes medical negligence claims based on cancer misdiagnosismay not involve deceased patients. This can happen if the patient does not delay to verify the correctness of the diagnosis. There are certain patients who take their time to check whether the diagnosis report is correct or not. Such patients are able to file medical negligence claims on their own. For example, consider a patient who happens to report symptoms of a certain cancer disease. If the diagnosis report does not match what the patient had reported, the patient may decide to go for another diagnosis test as quickly as possible. If it yields different results, the initial diagnosis test may be deemed as false and subject to a claim for compensation. This is an example of a case involving patients who file medical negligence claims based on cancer misdiagnoses on their own.




When filing medical negligence claims based on delayed diagnoses, it is always advisable to ensure that you have gathered as much evidence as you can. Most medical negligence claims also involve the hiring of high profile lawyers.