Common examples of clinical negligence


The article clearly brings to light some of the major examples of clinical negligence that are reported by patients across the entire globe and also explains when such cases are severe and when they are not.

Being a victim of medical negligence or clinical negligence is one of the worst experiences that an individual can ever encounter. It can lead to a lot of severe outcomes including the death of the patient. There are many causes of clinical negligence that are known today. Some of the causes are deliberate, while others may not be deliberate. However, they both lead to very severe outcomes. The passage will bring to light some of the most common examples of clinical negligence that are known today. One of the most cases of clinical negligence is a surgical error.

Surgical errors account for more than half of the cases of clinical negligence that have been reported. There are numerous reasons why surgical errors are quite common today. First of all, there are many medical illnesses that are not easy to treat without the use of surgical treatment procedures. As a matter of fact, there are more complicated medical illnesses that cannot be treated without the use of surgical treatment procedures compared to those that can be treated using non-surgical means. Apart from this, surgical treatment procedures are usually more complex to carry out than the other medical treatment procedures. This is the reason why most surgical treatment procedures are usually prone to error. For example, imagine a surgical treatment procedure which is aimed at separating two newly born babies. Such a procedure would attract more errors than a simple treatment procedure.

There are also cases of clinical negligence which are as a result of wrong prescriptions. Such cases may also be common in medical institutions where patients are allergic to various drugs. For example, imagine an asthmatic patient who is given a prescription of drugs that has the potential to trigger an asthma attack. What do you think can happen in this case? Obviously, you might end up with the symptoms of an asthma attack if you proceed to taking the drugs. If the attack is very severe, it might even be fatal. Suppose you had indicated to the doctor that you are allergic to a certain group of drugs, you can even file a claim for compensation against the medical doctor involved.

This individual may end up dying if the medical equipment is not repaired in time. In some cases, the outcome of the use of malfunctioning medical equipment may not be as severe as indicated above. In some cases, it leads to simple outcomes such as failure to diagnose certain simple medical conditions accurately. For example, imagine using a malfunctioning scale or temperature measuring device. Such cases of clinical negligence may not lead to any serious medical condition if the patient is not critically ill.



Patients have also reported cases of clinical negligence involving the use of malfunctioning medical equipment. Such cases of Clinical Negligence may either be very serious or not depending on certain factors. If the patient involved is critically ill, such cases of Clinical Negligence may lead to death. For example, imagine a patient who is suffering from an acute respiratory illness such as asthma or bronchitis.