“Aim for the Starz” Review

In everyone’s life, there comes a time when the most important thing that you need is motivation. You feel low and depressed and there is no one to cheer you up. You have failed miserably in something and so not know how to carry on your life. You have lost a very important person in your life and do not know how to live without him/her. At that time, you need motivation and inspiration. Most of the people go to a hibernation phase and try not to come out, some start being indulged into games and computer screen avoiding the world. Some try to stay in their rooms and never want to some out.


Move to books and movies:

In extreme conditions, depression may lead to suicidal thoughts as well. Those who are wise, find solace in books and movies. Books and movies are without a doubt those sources that help you out come out of the depression phase. Movies help you laugh and start loving your life again. They make sure to help you gain some important knowledge related to life. Books on the other hand provide you motivation. They help you moving on in your life and make you the part of a healthy lifestyle.


Tackle the phase of depression:

If you are someone who is in the phase of depression, one book that you must read is Aim for the Starz. It is a book written by the very famous author Bruce Budden. It comes with some very important life lessons that take you out of the sad phase and bring you face to face with the challenges of daily life.


Build new habits:

 Some habits that you will find building in yourself while reading the book are that you will become proactive and would want to do everything on your own.. This will help you being motivated towards moving forward in life and doing stuff all by yourself. You will start to think deeply and get into the depth of various points of views. The book will help you get a clear and strong point of view.


You will start to take actions. Procrastination is that one thing that keeps you slow paced and you do not feel like doing anything at anytime. The book will scratch away all the procrastinating habits from you and will build a drive and motivation to move ahead and work in a better way. You will start to think in a way that will help you gain something rather than loosing something.


Get motivated:

You will start thinking about the results you will get from certain tasks. You will think what benefit will you get from a certain work and you will feel motivated to do it. It will make you social, help you connecting with people, and be an important part of the society. The book will enhance the motivation in you to work in good faith of people and do stuff that will help you mentally as well as physically.



If you have been going through a depressing phase of life, you must read the Aim for the Starz and you will feel a new energy in you right away.