Endless source of fun for your kids in K5H games

You must have heard of K5H games if you have a kid. Your girl or boy surely enjoys all those martial arts, car races, defense, adventure, baby, doll dress up or cooking games. The great thing is that there are thousands, so they will hardly be bored with it. There are always new K5H games to discover, which makes your kid learn new, useful things and have fun in the same time. Therefore, parents love them too. Everyone loves K5H games!


The most popular ones are, definitely, car races, fighting and adventure games for boys, and dress up and cooking games for girls. In the Adventure Games section, one of the games trending now is the form of comeback of the uber popular Super Mario. In this version, called “Mario in Animal World 3“, you will have to help Mario to collect the animals in order to reach the goal and the end of the game. Another very addictive K5H game that everyone is crazy about and that enhances your movement control skills is “Don't touch me!“ The title itself is addictive, you must confess. In this game, you will have to move the ring from one end of the wire that goes through it to the other. The ring, however, must not touch the wire, since it is electric.


“Spiderman Trillogy“ has become a classic already. This K5H game makes you Spiderman's assistant since you have to help him collect the spider coins, by taking them away from his enemies. In order to succeed, you will face many difficulties and dangers.


“Ivan Drago“ is the Rocky Series hommage and helps you become the best fictional boxer ever! If you take on this one, you will surely become addicted on K5H games. Best fun is guaranteed.


“Funny Classroom 3“ is now trending among the Funny K5H games. You will surely laugh out loud as you succeed to make the tacher in the game angry! All you have to do is move your mouse and explore the environment.


“Fun at Zoo“ is another funny game suitable for the youngest. Here, you all have the opportunity to decorate the zoo just as you like it. You can put your favourite animals and choose places for them.


“Angrybird adventure“ will entertain you, since you will really make the bird angry when you let those watermelons fall right down to its mouth! Cut the ropes and make sure you do not forget to collect the stars, as many as you can!


“Belial Chapter 2“ is K5H adventure game which is point-and-click based game. Belial is suspected for the Satan's death and you have to recreate the Hell and Heaven equilibrium. This game will increase your mouse qualities as well.


K5H Games will provide lots of endless joy for all kids. They can choose between cooking, action, adventure, arcade, car, defense, baby, funny, fighting, zombie, shooting games and many more. In each section, there are hundreds of different games to explore and enjoy.