Medical Negligence Claims UK - Some Startling Cases


Whenever hospitals or medical practitioners are sued via medical negligence claims, some serious and devastating incidents are actually pointed to. The job of medical persons is very critical, no matter at what level they are working. It might be a sheer carelessness of a nurse, or mind-boggling mistakes done by surgeons that could result in devastating damages to the patients. Though it’s not something new, but in this age of medical advancement, occurrence of medical negligence claims is shameful. Below we have exposed some weird and terrifying malpractice cases reported so far:

  • Antibiotics caused deafness:


A diarrhea patient who was being treated with a drip of antibiotics became deaf at the end. Really startling! What happened in fact was the drip remained in patient’s veins for so long that it disabled his ear nerves. It was the outright negligence of nursing staff that eventually brought out a medical negligence claim. Though it was a unique case of its nature, but owing to defendant’s acceptance of their liability, the case resolved in no time and became a history in medical negligence claims UK.



  • A wrongful lung removal:


It is another terrible medical negligence claim made by an unlucky person who got his hale and hearty lung removed by negligent medical staff. He came to his physician with the complaint of chest aching. The doctor referred him to National Health Service where he was misdiagnosed with a cancer of lungs, and then underwent lung removal surgery. After this serious blunder on part of medical staff, he did not even receive any apology from guilty ones. And finally the victim has decided to bring out medical negligence claim.



  • 90-minute surgery prolonged to 6 hours:


Have a look at an interestingly serious medical negligence instance wherein a patient coming for his liposuction had to undergo an unnecessarily prolonged procedure.  It was the second session of his liposuction therapy which was supposed to last only for 90 minutes, but because surgeon fell asleep during the treatment, the patient remained in Operation Theater for six long hours. It was an utter negligence on part of the surgeon who finally had to face medical negligence claim.



  • A liver transplant led to patient burning:


A horrifying addition to medical negligence claims UK! A man being operated on for his liver transplantation suffered a sudden heart failure. But to his bad luck the antiseptic alcohol used on his shoulders and neck suddenly got fire and a major part of his body burnt. And more to it, his liver transplantation also failed. Currently that person is pursuing compensation claim against the negligent medical team who left him to injuries.



  • Bungled vasectomy:


Finally, we’ll discuss another scary medical negligence claim. After having a fourth baby, a person planned to undergo a vasectomy. Though he was given anesthesia before the procedure, but he was still feeling pain, and situation got more serious when out of a sudden he started vomiting and surgeons had to stop the operation. As a result of that unaccomplished surgery, man’s both testicles got infected whereupon doctors removed both of his testicles. 




The worst kind of medical negligence claims UK has been bared in the above content. It point towards the extent and gravity of perils that could result from medical negligence. medical negligence claim