Make a medical negligence claim if you got an undue amputation


This content focuses on wrongful amputation cases that are resulted from mere a medical negligence. What become of the negligence victims and how could they get compensated has also been reviewed here.

Mistakes do occur and those who have to bear the brunt of these mistakes cannot forget their losses. When we talk about medical negligence, the unforgettable ones are that which cause irrecoverable damages to patients such as amputation injuries caused by medical negligence. It is not bearable for anyone to lose their limbs on account of careless medical treatment – even big bucks of compensations cannot cover up this loss. A wrongful amputation is not just a physical loss but brings a lifelong disability for living a normal life, thus creating a suffering for the entire family of the victim. However, laws have been stipulated to address the medical negligence  causing amputation injuries so as to provide maximum possible relief to sufferers.

You must be wondering how medical professionals can be so reckless to cause such blunders. Though it is very rare when claims are made against amputation set off by medical negligence,  but the statistics of recorded cases could not betrue representative of actual incidences.But what does initiate such mistakes? Mostly, it is failure in diagnosing or effectively treating diabetes which results in peripheral nerve damages disabling legs and feet. Often it is poor blood circulation to limbs that necessitate amputations. Furthermore, such medical negligence can refer to incorrectly performed partial limb amputations, failure in the identification of gangrene or infections, surgical errors leading to nerve damages, poor hygienic standards causing staphylococcal problems, incompetent treatment of ulcer or feet injuries promptly especially in case of diabetes etc. These conditions arising from some negligence culminate in wrongful amputations.

But it is noticeable however, not all amputations arise from medical malpractice. Sometimes it is inevitable to cut off limbs in order to prevent further possible deteriorations in the body. Claims are only acceptable for amputations resulting from medical negligence if it can be proved that some error, incompetence or medical negligence has been a cause behind surgical amputation, it is advisable to seek legal consultation from some experience medical negligence solicitor to initiate a formal complaint against it. There are some qualified law practitioners who have experience with different kinds of medical negligence cases, and can give free assessment of the claim to determine whether it qualifies for ‘no win no fee’ compensation claim. This free legal consultation is no more difficult to reach – while sitting at home you can get initial case assessment by providing your case details through online portals. Then medical negligence solicitor team would review your case insights and provide you with the guidelines you need to follow afterwards for pursuing compensation against amputation injuries.

Only medical experts practicing in concerned specialities can better judge the legitimacy of claims. They study what were the physical conditions of the patient that made the doctor decide for surgical amputation. It is also evaluated on what basis the liable doctor could refute claimed medical negligence. Only when independent medical experts testify that there was no such medical exigency to lead to amputations and qualified doctor could not have acted so, negligence is proved to be the only reason for claimed injuries.



This expert verification assures the victims to win proportionate compensations for medical negligence. The court considers all physical and emotional traumas brought on by this negligence before deciding the amount of compensation to be awarded to the victim of wrongful amputation. However, if claimant lacks some required evidence and defendant party somehow establishes that there was no other way than to resort to limb amputation and it was all in well being of patient, the medical negligence claim becomes invalid.