Obstetric and Birth Negligence Claims Explained

Numerous birth negligence claims pop up daily around the world. So, you may pose a question what are these claims all about, and what actually triggers them? Well, if you are a mother you must know that how sensitive is the process of bearing and delivering a child. It calls for an infalliblemedical care, and any mistake on part of an obstetrician or a gynecologist may subject both the expectant mother and her child to grave risks. Below is an overview of some basic triggers behind birth negligence claims.

In order to get a safe and healthy birth, the care from concerned medical staff is required from the very onset of pregnancy. Birth negligence claims are not merelycaused by some malpractice during just child delivery, rather improper medical care given during or even before the pregnancy can contribute to this end. Often it is some medical negligence during previous abortions, or sometimes unnecessarily prescribing contraceptive medicines to a woman which may induce her newborn with some disabilities or injuries. Gynecologists and obstetricians must take all these factors into account and provide necessary medication to save mothers and newborns from potential risks; otherwise they may end up facing birth negligence claims.

Let me tell you some possible conditions and birth injuries that could be used as a basis for birth negligence claims. Possible consequences of obstetric malpractice for the child include Erg’s palsy, cerebral palsy, perennial tears and much more. If gynecologists fail in identifying birth complications in time, the life of newborn may be endangered. In some situations it is also witnessed that medical staff is not qualified to handle delivery process, which proves disastrous for both the child and mother –negligent obstetric practices can result in woman’s infertility for good. Sometimes gynecologists or midwives act so carelessly that they leave surgical tools and other objects inside patient‘s body after caesarean. All these medical negligence provide valid reasons to pursue birth negligence claims.

Obstetric malpractice, of whatever level it is, does not leave any room for excuse. But the most unfortunate fact is: many victims of this malpractice do not realize that they have received some substandard medical treatment and they need to make birth negligence claims.People are not generally educated about medical standards, so it mayget confusing for them to decide whether birth injuries acquired by them or their childrenfall within the scope of birth negligence claims.


So, if you or your child has been inflicted some birth related injury that you think is caused by some medical negligence, discuss it with a solicitor. Prior to legally filing birth negligence claims in court, it is wise to take legal advice for your case. Lethe solicitors weigh up your claims against legal and medical standards in order to check if your claimed injuries are really because of some medical malpractice. Medical experts are also consulted in this regard to check the veracity of birth negligence claims. And if case approves, the claimant gets compensation against all of the damages inflicted by birth related medical malpractice.