What could fall under the umbrella of’ Medical Negligence’?

Daily millions of patients suffer in hands of medical practitioners in one or the other way, but hardly few can realize that they have been exposed to some medical negligence. Often it is the confusion about the definition of medical negligence that prevents many victims from raising their voices against such comprehensible acts. So, let’s first understand what this term really means and what kind of practices fall under this category.


Medical negligence actually refers to medical blunders that practitioners commit either due to their incompetency or mere carelessness. Almost all kinds of medical and paramedical practitioners are liable for their acts during practice – they must comply with established standards of medical care. Thus, any medical practice during diagnosis, treatment, surgeries or after-care of the patients that is either substandard or could not have been committed if practitioner had been careful is called medical negligence. But in legal aspects such malpractices are compensated only if some harm or injury has been caused to the patients. In case malpractice is proved but patient had a narrow escape, no any legal compensation claim can be filed against the liable practitioner; however, the credibility of that practitioner definitely suffers.


Medical negligence or clinical negligence is not something to be ignored. It is a serious matter that could bring harmful consequences if left unchecked. Therefore, it is important for you to be well informed about the types and implications of medical negligence instances. You should know what your rights towards a medical practitioner are and what you must respond if you fall prey to some malpractice. The healthcare standards are also something that must be in your knowledge so that you can easily judge whether your doctor has practiced up to the accepted standards.


There could be various types of medical negligence. The first and foremost type is misdiagnosis. As we know, diagnosis provides basis for any medical treatment and if there is some error during this phase, all medication and treatment gets faulty. Diagnosis errors could either leave a disease completely undiagnosed or identify the patients with a wrong disease that they don’t have either. In both cases patients have to suffer because diagnosis errors prevent them from getting right treatment. Moreover, medical negligence is also commonly seen during medicine prescriptions. Patients are prescribed wrong drug or dosage which eventually affects their well-being. Besides, surgical errors are not rare to happen, and also do not forget about birth related injuries.



Well, no medical practice can be said free from medical negligence risks. So, it is important to be on your guard and keep your eyes and mind open when you go for any kind of medical treatment. If you are certain that doctors have unduly made you suffer due to their negligence or incompetence, you can bring them to justice.  Everyone is legally entitled to get quality care and treatment and he/she can rightfully sue the liable practitioners in case of any medical negligence. Law protects the patient’s rights and offers them compensations for all of their injuries and losses caused by medical malpractice. However, if victim himself is not alive to the fact that he has suffered some malpractice, it is his bad luck.