Features of Fifa 15 Coins

FIFA has been launching a number of outstanding football games with continuous improvements. It has earned great reviews with time. Now after FIFA 14, it is going to launch another simulation football game, FIFA 15. It a treat for all the football fans with the astonishing features. Everything in this game looks very real and genuine which enhances the interest of the players. Fifa has everything that a football lover would demand.

Launch of FIFA 15:

Fifa 15 was launched on 23rd of September in the United States and on the 26th of September in UK. After the launch of this game you can now buy two versions of FIFA 15. One is the basic FIFA 15 and the second one is the FIFA ultimate team mode or FUT. Some of the features that are included in FIFA 15 ultimate edition are, 40 FIFA Ultimate Team gold coins packs, adidas all star teams, adidas predator boot collection, 3 new goal celebrations, added pre-order content.

Improvements in Fifa 15:

There has been a lot more in Fifa 15 for the players and you can make it more interesting with FIFA 15 coins. The new version has come up with some more lively experience of playing this game. Some of the new features of the game are as follows:

•The game is made more intense and the emotions of the players can be seen on the pitch. There are no idle players anymore standing with the blank faces. All the players behave realistically and react to every change in the field. They shout in frustration, they pout and they celebrate the victory. The crowd is made more lively and supporting. It has enchanted the environment of the stadium.

•Defenders in the game are a lot more active and energetic. They would grab you and do use their skills when needed. The opponents are not that easy to catch now.

•The goalkeeper in the game is doing a refined job now. He is sharper and smarter than before. You will have to play more vigorously to score against your opponents. The goalkeeper up gradation has boosted the game even more.

•You can easily earn, collect and trade many football superstars and make your own FIFA 15 ultimate team. You can choose your own play style, formation, kits and a lot more.

•The graphics of this game are more thrilling and eye-catching. It includes many real football team leagues, teams and players.

Fifa 15 can be played on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, Wii, PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS. The FIFA ultimate team 15 coins are only available on pre-order for this game. Whenever you will log in to redeem them you will receive a FIFA ultimate team gold pack for 15 weeks. So, enjoy your FIFA 15 without missing an inch of the essence of the game. From the rain shine on the ground to the last winning goal, this game will be an outstanding experience for the players.