Let’s have a look how damaging a medical negligence could be


Here we have summed up the accounts of some scariest medical negligence instances in the history of UK health care system. It indicates that how a minor mistake on part of health professionals might turn out injurious to the patients.

The medical negligence litigation made against a doctor, surgeon, or a hospital is not a matter of joke, but the level of incompetency or carelessness shown in these cases is really mind boggling. It is to our dismay that even in this age of medical advancements, such errors can occur. Here I would share some most scary kind of medical negligence cases ever happened.

One of such cases is when a patient became completely deaf as a result of negligent antibiotic treatment. This untoward patient, who came with diarrhea condition, was given antibiotics through a drip. But see the negligence of medical staff, the left the drip for a long time that patient eventually got his ear nerves damaged due to the continuous flow of antibiotics. The poor patient was left completely deaf as a result of this medical negligence. To worsen the matter, the liable doctor admitted that had been negligence in removing the drip on time. However, this case opened and shut as it is in United Kingdom, without giving any benefit to the victim.

Look at another incidence – a man coming with chest pain complaint to a doctor who referred him to NHS where he was misdiagnosed with cancer of lungs. More to it, that patient was even operated for lung removal. The medical negligence which deprived a healthy man of his healthy lung! Now he becomes out of his breath even after slight exertion or exercise. The guilty doctors did neither recognize nor did they give any explanation of their reprehensible act. The poor victim is now trying to seek justice through legal claims against his damages.

Can you imagine how a ninety-minute procedure is protracted to 6 hours? This has happened in a case of liposuction. A person having one successful session of liposuction went for second treatment. He was assured by his doctors to get this treatment in just ninety minutes;instead he suffered almost 6 hours due to medical negligence of the surgeon.The doctor actually fell asleep during the process, and more to this no one else in medical staff dared to stop the surgeon during or before the surgery from acting so negligently. But it is a hopeful factor in this case that the surgeon in question was immediately sacked and now is being prosecuted for this medical negligence.

Let me share with you another scary instance in this regard. It is a case of wrong leg amputation. You must have heard about several medication conditions where limb amputation becomes expedient for curing the patient; however, the removal of a leg out of some medical negligence is literally beyond acceptance. A man who came to hospital for a leg amputation had to lose the other leg, thanks to erroneous practice of medical staff. Even though the surgeon and his assistants realized their mistake halfway through the surgery, but that was too late to undo the error – the wrong leg was amputated. However, the victim of the case successfully claimed against this medical negligence and got 1 million pounds as compensation.



There could be many other horrifying examples of such medical malpractices which are directed towards patients daily in one or the other form. I have tried to apprise you of some worst types of medical negligence cases experienced by some unlucky people. Who knows, it would be you next time! Just read through this article and feel the distress and damages caused to victims. And beware in your next visits to a doctor. Do not let any medical person play with your health and life. Keep your eyes open while being medically treated so that you could timely prevent medical negligence from happening.