Why to Use GoogieHost?

You can now enjoy free of cost hosting with 200 GB bandwidth unlimited, storage of 20 GB, unlimited accounts for emails and My SQL Databases. It also contains a website builder and an auto Installer. These services do not imply any cost throughout your life and any one can sign up for free right now. However, GoogieHost doesn’t asks for a debit or credit card numbers from users for their registration while all other providers of web hosting ask for credit card or debit card numbers.

It is also easier to just sign up with GoogieHost and take benefit from their free of cost hosting services. The answer of Why GoogieHost is that this web hosting service doesn’t charge a single penny to its users. It is totally free of cost and along with that, it has good memory for small websites, firms, blogs, portfolios etc. GoogieHost also provides a Bandwidth of 200 GB. The best thing in this web hosting service is that it is free of cost for all of your life. There are no particular terms and conditions and hidden charges for this service.

GoogieHost Offers:

·         Free of Cost Web Hosting

·         Free of Cost names of Sub Domains

·         1 Click Auto Installer

·         Free of Cost Web Site Builder

·         99% Guarantee of uptime

·         Powerful c Panel

·         Customer Support

·         Automated and steady backups

Everyone wants to have a powerful and reliable server. There should be no limitations over the website. GoogieHost is an outstanding configuration and without any particular limitations.

Benefits of GoogieHost:

Instead of relying on sweet words, here are some of the benefits of GoogieHost:

·         Unlimited Storage with Unlimited Bandwidth  

Unlike other web hosts, GoogieHost factually provide unlimited storage, free SSD VPS as well as bandwidth to its members throughout their lives. Now, you will be able to create extraordinary website.

·         More Unlimited Perks 

You can make many email accounts, FTP accounts, My SQL databases and add on domains through GoogieHost in actual without any extra charges or fees. It provides free unlimited hosting to the users throughout the life.

·         Advertisement Free 

Advertisements usually create frustration and leads to worst experience of website usage. With GoogieHost, you can now use your website without receiving any ad and it doesn’t charge you a single penny.

·         Free of Cost Content Management Installer:

GoogieHost has a free CMS installer that manages the website in an easier and simpler way. You can now install various scripts for free including Drupal, Open cart, Magento, Word press and other popular CMS.

·         Free of Cost Website Builder and Templates 

For you ease, GoogieHost includes a website builder that is free of cost, if you want to make your website on your own.

·         Android App 

GoogieHost offers its android apps for Smartphone users to download this app from their Play Store. With this app, you will be able to sign in to website panel, search for files in server and much more.

·         24/7 Customer Care 

GoogieHost provides 24/7 customer support services to its member free of cost.