Brooklyn Wedding Venues, the most amazing ones!

New York City is known to be the best place having the best parties in the world. Also known as NYC, it is said to be a city that never sleeps. The people living in brook land are fun loving and full of entertainment. They love to party and the nights of brook land are full of excitement. The best thing about this place is that it has so many places to party that taking a decision about which place to choose is extremely difficult for a person. It goes for Brooklyn Wedding Venues as well. The most difficult decision that the couple has to take while getting married is choosing the wedding venue. The reason is the competitiveness and the abundance of amazing venues in the city.

Some of the best Brooklyn party space is mentioned bellow:

Liberty warehouse:

This place is situated at the Pier 41 and has some great historical aspects that make this place better than others do.  It has its own shipping yard that is difficult to find in other wedding venues. The view you can see from the harbor is its distinctive feature that makes it a desirable place for wedding. It is a unique and amazing place. If you want to have a memorable wedding, choose this venue.

The green building:

Having a wedding at an elegant place is dream of every girl. Sophisticated girls always want a place that is well build and charming for their dream wedding. If you are one of them, The Green Building is your dream destination. The whole building is made up of graceful red bricks that are pleasing to eyes. The ceilings are filled with amazing chandeliers and make the wedding look much more urbane. It has lot of space and becomes a host of many guests altogether.  It fills the wedding with an atmosphere that is addictive.

 The river café:

This amazing wedding venue is famous for its only one of its kind locality. It is situated right under the Brooklyn Bridge that makes it different from others. The river café has some amazing decorations and the food served in this place is one of its kinds. The ingredients used in the food served in this wedding venue are known for its different and distinguished taste. The place is without a doubt known for its best cuisine and amazing catering. The nightlife, music, lights and dining make the whole event magical and thrilling. It fills the whole event with a certain kind of ecstasy.

BAM Café:

BAM café is known for its beauty and elegance. The main reason of its fame is the fact that it has been featured in many movies. Having an amazing party hosted at BAM café is definitely ideal. The live music is free and is amazing to hear and dance on. The audience gets involved with the music so much that it cannot avoid dancing on the high beats. It is no doubt the best Brooklyn party space. If you are planning a high profile party, choose BAM café.