Why are pregnancy negligence claims involving teenagers not common?


The article enlightens the reader on the major reasons accounting for the few pregnancy negligence claims involving teenagers. It also explains the difficulties that a teenager can encounter when filing a claim for compensation.

If you have been following the trend on medical negligence claims for compensation, then you will obviously confess that pregnancy negligence claims are one of the most common claims for compensation across the entire medical industry. Some pregnancy negligence claims are based on surgery, while others are based on wrong prescriptions. The list of cases of pregnancy negligence claims is actually endless. This is not surprising because people are always getting married on a daily basis, getting pregnant and giving birth. But, you might be stunned to learn that pregnancy negligence claims involving teenagers are usually not common across the entire media. What can account for this?

It is not easy to pin point categorically some of the major reasons that account for the minute number of pregnancy negligence claims involving teenagers. However, one or two things are clear. First of all, most teenagers that get pregnant are usually still in the custody of their parents or guardians. As a result, they do not have the capacity to file pregnancy negligence claims on their own. The claims for compensation are actually filed on behalf of such teenagers. If you want to confirm the truth behind this, try to find out the ages of the victims of pregnancy negligence whose claims for compensation have been filed by their relatives or their parents.

Sometimes parents may want to conceal the identity of their child. It is not obviously a good record to be associated with claims for compensation when you are just a teenager. In addition, it does not also paint a good picture about you or your parents. Keeping every story under the carpet is the only option that the parents have in order to save their child from embarrassment. It is not surprising to see that very few pregnancy negligence claims involving teenagers are filed.

In some cases, most teenagers who have lived more than half of their lives with their biological parents are less likely to become pregnant during their teenage hood. Under normal circumstances, school going teenagers including those who are in college or university, are less likely to get pregnant. In most cases, teenage pregnancies are common among teenagers who are homeless or those whose biological parents are still not alive. Unless assisted, such victims of clinical negligence have no capacity to file pregnancy negligence claims on their own.



Filing pregnancy negligence claims of any kind is usually difficult because of the funds that are associated with hiring a reliable attorney. There are certain firms that require the client to pay certain upfront fees that may be outside the reach of the client. For teenagers who have no capacity to fend for themselves or who may not have where to get the funds to sustain a claim for compensation, it is usually difficult to proceed with filing a claim. In general, a claim for compensation may be very tedious and may be very demanding. pregnancy negligence claims.