Lymphoma Misdiagnosis Negligence Claims

Here we will briefly review that what is lymphoma and what could be misdiagnosis negligence claims in this regard. Lymphoma is actually a cancer affecting lymphatic structure of the body. Lymphoma could be of two types: non-Hodgkin and Hodgkin. The symptoms are mostly similar in both types of lymphoma. Among its basic symptoms are fever, fatigue, difficulty in breathing, and coughing, itching, loss of hunger and frequent sweating. As stated in a number of lymphoma misdiagnosis negligence claims, doctors were even unable to identify the obvious symptoms that are typical of this disease. What could be more pathetic if doctors fail to recognize lymph nodes swelling in armpits and neck that is the most noticeable area. The lymph node inflation could also be owing to other reasons that must be considered as well.


The reason why lymphatic cancer often goes undetected is its ambiguous symptoms that are easily related with other common diseases – there are many conditions, less harmful than cancer, that also cause lymph node swelling. Physicians mostly incur misdiagnosis negligence claims because they do not adopt proper diagnostic approach and make patients suffer unnecessarily at the end. In order to avoid misdiagnosis negligence claims they should consider each and every disease that might be suggested by the symptoms instead of making just offhand assumptions. As lymphatic cancer is a serious problem that get worse over time if left unattended. If physicians fail to catch its symptoms at initial stages, the chances are it will lead patients to death.


The seriousness of misdiagnosis negligence claims can be well understood if we closely see the functioning of lymphatic system in our body. This system consists of nodes carrying a liquid called lymphocyte which is used for making white blood cells. This lymphocyte could be in the form of B cells or T cells – both of these cells work differently with immune mechanism of body. B cells are responsible for producing antibodies when some infection attacks the body, while T cells help to purge infected cells from the body. Now think if any problem occurs in this system, how damaging it could be for a person, but situation gets more crucial when doctors fail to identify these problems timely. By the time lymphomamisdiagnosis negligence claimsare made, cancer has made grave destructions in the body or even in some cases patients meet with death.



It is commonly seen in misdiagnosis negligence claimsthat people visited doctors with complaints as listed above, but doctors pay little heed to it and prescribe medicine to suppress just lymphatic node swelling – more than often, doctors disregard the chances of lymphatic cancer. When a victim comes with lymphoma misdiagnosis negligence claims, the experts review the case to see whether the accused physician performed all the tests that medical standards expect him to do in such case. The patient’s medical reports before and after being misdiagnosed by the accused doctor are also reviewed so as to gauge the seriousness of the damages caused by doctor’s malpractice. Once misdiagnosis negligence claims prove court then evaluate the compensation to be awarded to the claimant.