What accounts for the cases of clinical negligence?


The article clearly explains the main reasons why clinical negligence the cases of are caused. It also gives some of the most notable examples of clinical negligence that are reported across the medical industry.

Clinical errors or medical negligence have continued to be common across the entire media. There are many cases of clinical negligence that are being reported today. Barely a day passes before you can hear a report of an act of clinical negligence. It is not easy to clearly point out the main reasons that can account for the soaring cases of medical negligence. However, some of the reasons that have been highlighted in this passage will prove to be helpful.  First of all, there are many people who have entered into the medical industry on account of the money that is associated with the industry.

The truth of the matter is that the medical industry is one of the most financially stable industries throughout the world. More than half of the people across the entire globe may be in need of medical attention either on a frequent basis or on an occasional basis. With this mind, most players of the medical industry are after money regardless of whether they have the potential to provide high quality medical treatment to patients or not. This is one of the reasons why cases of clinical negligence have continued to escalate despite the perpetual introduction of high quality and advanced medical equipment.

Another reason that can account for the upsurge of cases of clinical negligence is the use of medical equipment that is not in good shape. This accounts for more than half of the cases of clinical negligence that are reported. It is common to come across medical institutions that have clung to the use of old medical equipment despite knowing that the medical equipment is not in good shape.

Granted, some medical institutions may not have the potential to purchase the latest medical equipment for carrying out certain medical treatment procedures. However, that is not the reason why they should not continue using obsolete medical equipment at the expense of the lives of patients. If the medical institutions are not empowered to acquire the latest medical equipment for carrying out certain medical treating procedures, the number of cases of clinical negligence will not decrease.

The increase in the number of clinical negligence cases of may also be attributed to the increase in the number of cases of delayed diagnoses. There are many patients who have been victims of delayed diagnoses because the medical institutions they deal with have no capacity to handle more than one patient at a time. This is common for medical illnesses that require the use of highly advanced medical equipment for them to be diagnosed.

Delayed diagnoses may lead to cases of clinical negligence whose severity varies with the patient involved or with the nature of the medical illness that the patient had reported. If the patient had reported a medical condition that is as severe as cancer, the act of clinical negligence will be lead to severe outcomes if the treatment time has been reduced significantly.


Cases of Clinical Negligence may also be caused by the lack of experienced medical personnel in certain medical institutions Clinical Negligence.