What is meant by a medical negligence instance in United Kingdom?


This is a bird’s eye view of the term medical negligence and its implications. Here you’ll come to know what injuries fall under malpractice law and what make you eligible to claim negligence compensation awards.

What could be constituted under the legal term of medical negligence? How could it be identified in regular medical practice and what are implications it can bring? A layman could be baffled by such questions, but it is not that difficult to understand. First of all, it is about carelessness, negligence or incompetency shown in professional medical practice by health care professionals such as nurses, doctors, surgeons, pharmacist, lab technicians or other practitioners of medical field. The medical negligence might be intentional or unintentional, but when it causes serious damages to patients, it becomes a crime and criminals have to be accountable for it.

Malpractice cases are of great prominence in legal aspects. A refined set of laws have been defined in this respect, which are subject to change with time and needs. The general motives behind medical negligence laws are to provide relief to all those who unduly suffer in hands on medical practitioners and to curb such practices by charging the blameworthy ones. The well-managed health care system in United Kingdom has always been supported by negligence laws to ensure a complete health protection to people. Anyone, who happens to endure some medical malpractice up shots in public or private hospitals orat doctor clinic in UK, can sue the person responsible for the act and can seek legal redress for the damages occurred. Not all medical negligence injuries are recoverable; however the litigation provides an assurance to the victim for bringing the matter to book.

You must be wondering how a trained and qualified medical practitioner can be so negligent to cause injuries to his patients. All qualification and training aside, the medical professionals are humans after all who can be prone to errors out of work load or some other reason. Let take a common example of medical negligence let say misdiagnosis. It is not always intentional negligence that a doctor misdiagnosis a patient, sometimes it is test equipment’s fault that leads to wrong or misdiagnosis. Any treatment or medication that is prescribed by a doctor following this wrong diagnosis is obviously going to negatively impact the health of patient and deteriorate his condition. However, in rush hours when a doctor is overloaded with a lot of patients, it is not beyond likelihood that he will show medical negligence and prescribe wrong medication to a patient even having a right diagnosis.

Apart from simple diagnosis and medicine prescription processes, there are some medical procedures such as surgeries which involve the contribution of many medical practitioners. Anyone of them could fall to medical negligence and create unexpected complications for the patient under surgery. It is one of the delicate domains of medicine which needs all participants whether it is nurse, anesthetist, surgeon, or assistant doctors to show great level of care during the process. Standard measures of safety and care are required in all major and minor surgeries. Often it is improper measurements and calculation about medical condition of the patient which cause surgical problems. Most of the times, it is mere irresponsible and careless attitude of the doctor that causes medical negligence to happen.



There could be the instances wherein a patient has to face some unexpected injuries and damages which he thinks are due to some malpractice but there is no obvious evidence to prove it. Discussing with a lawyer can clarify many of the medical negligence factors that could be hidden from the victim. How to go about proving the negligence claim? Who is responsible; and how to substantiate the case etc.? It is often not straightforward, however, to find the answers to these questions without the guidance of medical negligence lawyer.