Common examples of injuries that attract pregnancy negligence claims


In the medical industry, many claims are filed against medical practitioners who are found wanting. There are many examples of cases that lead to pregnancy negligence claims as the next passage will show. One of the commonest cases that account for pregnancy negligence claims is a birth injury or a set of birth injuries. As a matter of fact, this is the main reason why most pregnancy negligence claims are filed. But, what could be the reasons for this? Many reasons are responsible for this trend. To start with, giving birth is associated with a good number of complications. For example, the pregnant mother may report a problem prior to delivery. However, the medical doctor who may have received the report may not take it seriously or may make a wrong diagnosis. Pregnancy negligence claims can be filed for as long as the patient involved can prove that the medical doctor involved had not taken her report of a complaint seriously.Not all injuries may attract viable pregnancy negligence claims as the passage will show.

Another case that may account for many pregnancy negligence claims is the giving of wrong drugs to a pregnant mother. This can happen if the medical doctor involved makes a prescription that is not fit for a pregnant woman. Most pregnant women are not eligible for the use of certain drugs because of the harm that they can cause to the unborn child and the mother herself. As long as the pregnant mother has enough evidence to prove that she was given a wrong prescription and the injuries that followed, she will be entitled to receiving compensation from the medical doctor involved. This is only possible if the pregnancy negligence claims have been filed correctly.

A good example of a pregnancy related injury that can attract viable pregnancy negligence claims is the injury to the child during delivery. This is what makes pregnancy related claims very complex; the fact that they may involve more than one individual. In some cases, the mother may be the victim of an injury. On the other hand, the child in the womb may also be a victim of an injury or injuries during birth or even before birth. Most pregnancy related injuries that affect babies are incurred during delivery. Babies can suffer conditions such as ERB and cerebral palsy, conditions that can prove to be very fatal if they are not treated. In some cases, children may be left with lifelong effects if nothing is done about the condition. Since many children may be victims of both cerebral and ERB palsy, a good number of pregnancy negligence claims have been filed as a result of these two conditions.

On the other hand, the mother is also a victim of many pregnant related injuries. A good example of this is an anal tear or tears.  Anal tears affect many pregnant mothers during birth and they may account for close to half of the total pregnancy negligence claims that are filed by mothers from across the globe. Some pregnant mothers have been victims of vagina tears that they had incurred during the birth of their child. Both conditions can have lifelong effects that the mother can live to regret.


The article describes some of the commonest examples of injuries that attract pregnancy negligence claims. It also explains that not all pregnancy injuries can attract a successful claim and also explains the reasons why this is so. pregnancy negligence claims.