Things you should never do when filing pregnancy negligence claims


This article brings to light some of the most important things that persons who have prospects of filing pregnancy negligence claims should always never do.

Medical negligence, also referred to as clinical negligence is not anything new to the society. Since the medical industry registered its importance to the society, the trend has continued to be among the leading headlines across the media. It is unfortunate to learn that even pregnant mothers have been victims of medical negligence at one time or another in their lives. Every victim of an act of medical negligence is at liberty to file a claim for compensation for as long as there is enough evidence to present in the courts of law. But, when filing any claims for compensation including pregnancy negligence claims, there are certain things you are advised to never do.

First of all, do not file pregnancy negligence claims if you do not have any viable case at hand. As a patient, you must remember that learning about the act of medical negligence is one thing and the filing of pregnancy negligence claims is another thing. Under normal circumstances, the process of filling pregnancy negligence claims is very tedious and time consuming.

You might end up wasting your own time and resources without any rewards. Imagine filing a claim for excessive bleeding shortly after a surgical procedure. Granted, excessive bleeding is dangerous and life threatening. But, it is usually normal after a serious surgical procedure. Waiting for some would be appropriate in such a case. For this reason, it is vital to make sure that you have viable pregnancy negligence claims before your hands.

You should never file pregnancy negligence claims which are not backed by sufficient evidence. This is not different from requesting for an item from a shop keeper when you have insufficient funds. Even if you are a victim of a very serious act of clinical negligence, it still remains inappropriate to file pregnancy negligence claims whose evidence is not substantial. 

The courts of law are very serious about this matter; they will probably not hesitate to dismiss your claim for compensation if it is not backed by sufficient evidence. In most cases, the nature of the evidence varies from one case to another. Some cases such as surgical errors may require imagery evidence, while other cases such as wrong prescriptions may require evidence that is in the form of documentation.



You are also advised to avoid filing pregnancy negligence claims without a reliable attorney. It is vital to always call to mind the fact that all pregnancy negligence claims are very serious and they require a very serious and highly experienced attorney to handle them. As a matter of fact, three quarters of the claims for compensation that have been filed without a reliable attorney have ended up in disappointment. It is either the patient involved has no capacity to present the required evidence in court or one has not capacity to retrieve the evidence altogether.