Delayed and medical negligence claims discussed


The article brings to light all the important features of the medical negligence claims that are submitted on the basis of delayed diagnoses.

Delayed diagnoses are medical negligence cases in which the patient is not diagnosed early enough for treatment to be administered. Delayed diagnoses can lead to very serious illnesses. For example, consider a cancer patient whose cancer is not detected in time, what do you think would happen? In most cases, the cancer would reach the terminal stage, a stage at which it would become practically impossible for the cancer to be treated. Some patients may not even be alive at the time when the medical negligence claims are submitted. What are some of the major illnesses over which medical negligence claims are registered?

You may have heard of medical negligence claims that have been filed on the basis of the delayed diagnosis of breast cancer. This is a very serious medical condition that can be fatal if it is not detected early enough. A good number of mothers have been victims of this dreaded illness, and still a good number of them have ended up losing their lives. That is why the submission of medical negligence claims on the basis of delayed breast cancer delayed diagnosis is almost inevitable. It is easy to understand why most patients are keen to file medical negligence claims on account of breast cancer delayed diagnosis. Some women have also been forced to file on the basis of cervical cancer delayed diagnoses. These illnesses are also dependent on the treatment time. If the cervical cancer is not detected early enough, the patient may end up dying even before the claim for compensation may be filed. That is why it is possible to come across medical negligence claims involving deceased patients. In this case, the family or any close relatives will have taken up the responsibility of filing the claim for compensation on behalf of the deceased.

More than half of the total numbers of medical negligence claims that have been registered on the basis of delayed diagnoses are associated with medical conditions that are very hard to treat. For example, there are certain illnesses that depend on the treatment time for them to be easily treated. As indicated above, cancer is a good example of an illness that is affected by the treatment time. Other illnesses include HIV and some strains of influenza. Patients are at liberty to file medical negligence claims for all cases that are associated with delayed diagnoses.

The major cause of delayed diagnoses is poor scheduling. There are certain medical practitioners who are not able to make proper schedules with their patients. As a result, they are forced to postpone all their diagnosis schedules to later dates leading to delayed diagnoses.




In some cases, the medical institution involved may not have the required number of certain medical equipment. As a result, they may fail to handle a particular number of patients. This can also lead to delayed diagnoses over which medical negligence claims can be filed. medical negligence claims