Common cases dentist compensation claim


In the medical industry, a dentist compensation claim remains one of the commonest claims that are present today. This is particularly because people from all walks of life have issues with their teeth as well as their general dentition from time to time. Sometimes it is due to old age or new teeth joining the dental formula, while it can also be due to the idea of wanting to have whitened teeth. Reasons such as these usually account for the high number of cases that are associated with a dentist compensation claim. If you had a chance to look at the nature and type of the cases that are reported as dental negligent claims, you will notice that there are certain cases that are very common.

One of the commonest cases of a dentist compensation claim is excessive bleeding. This accounts for a huge fraction of most dental compensation claims. Under normal circumstances, bleeding is inevitable in any dental operation including tooth extraction. But, bleeding is not supposed to reach certain extremes such as lasting for more than three days. Unless the patient has another condition that is preventing the bleeding from ending, bleeding for a much longer period of time simply means that a bad job was done when sealing the cuts of the surgery. There are certain dental surgical operations that involve the cutting of various blood vessels in order to achieve the goal of the surgery. However, the sealing of the vessels may be poorly done due to a negligent attitude from the medical doctor involved. If this is your situation, you are at liberty to file a dentist compensation claim.

Another common case that can attract a dentist compensation claim is contracting an illness while undergoing a dental surgery. The tools that are used on patients during a surgery are supposed to be properly sterilised. If this is not done, the patient may end up contracting an illness during the operation. This is case, though common is quite rare because of its complexity. As such it may not be very common to come across a dentist compensation claim that has been filed on this basis.

There are also cases that are filed on the basis of wrong prescriptions. Some patients have suffered illnesses or side effects because they had been given wrong prescriptions. A good example is a diabetic patient who is not supposed to take a certain drug. If this patient is given a wrong prescription, the patient might end up suffering a lot of side effects. In this case, dentist compensation claim can be filed.

Imagine a wrong tooth being extracted or extracting a tooth that you wished to have filled. This can obviously have a very devastating effect on your self confidence such that you will not be able to smile openly in public. Such an example of medical negligence can attract a dentist compensation claim.



This article brings to light some examples of cases that attract a dentist compensation claim . It starts by explaining what a dentist compensation claim is, and then describes the common cases of dental compensation claims that can attract a successful claim.