Medical negligence Compensation Claims for Hospital Infections


It is a casual introduction of MRSA and related infections caused by medical negligence in hospitals. By reading through the content, you will not only come across the insight of MRSA but you will know how to tackle with such malpractice claims.

There are plenty of the types of bacterial and viral illnesses caused by poor hygienic conditions and related medical negligence in hospitals and other health care centres. Usually all such infections come under the category of ‘hospital infections’ which patients acquire after being admitted at a hospital. As MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aurous) and similar infections are contracted over the course of hospital stays, patients can make MRSA related medical negligence claims to sue the hospital staff against providing a non standard environment to their patients. Some common examples of hospital-borne infections are: tuberculosis, gastroenteritis, infections in urinary tract, infections of bloodstream, MRSA, pneumonia, infections in surgical wounds, and Legionnaire problem etc.

Looking few years back, there was no such thing like MRSA medical negligence claims encountered, then what it has come from and what it is all about? MRSA is actually a bacterial infection which only emerges in case of weak immune system. If aggravated through some medical negligence, it could give rise to several conditions such as pimples, boils, or impetigo. As patients admitted in a hospital are already suffering from weak immune system, they are more likely to catch infections. MRSA is widespread among infections caused by poor hygienic standards. MRSA bacteria is present in environment every time, but it becomes detrimental only if enters the blood stream of a patients.

Hospitals thus are responsible to avoid medical negligence and ensure a healthy and disinfected environment to their patients so as to keep them secure against such possible infections. As per medical standards defined in UK, it is needless to say that cleanliness should be of highest priority to both private and public health care centres. Still if a patient catches such hospital-borne infections, victims are given legal right to make MRSA related medical negligence claims against the culprits.

It is just during last five years a sudden increase in the number of hospital-borne disease claims has been witnessed. It is unfortunately due to various newly built substandard health facilities in UK whose hygienic level is not up to standards, and which leads to several infection outbreaks and other illnesses. Patients come to get treated for some other condition, but they fall victim to medical negligence. Hence, instead of getting better they acquire more suffering over their stay at hospitals. Particularly elderly patients, expectant mothers and those suffering from immune system weakness get serious life threats from hospital infections. The problem with MRSA infection is that it is hard to be controlled with antibiotics –thus it leaves the sufferers with no choice than enduring unnecessary ailments which could have been avoided if hygienic standards had been followed in hospitals. In such cases, the responsible hospitals could be held answerable through MRSA medical negligence claims against them.

Like many other medical negligence cases, it is extremely challenging to prove the liability in the event of hospital infections. For availing hospital negligence compensations, victim must have acquired illness due to claimed negligence.



If at causation stage it is established through formal identification and diagnosis that patient’s claimed illness did not exist before their admittance in hospital, and it is only because infected and unhygienic hospital ambience that triggered these infections, the liable party is to pay for all the resulting losses borne by victim.Hundreds of MRSA disease medical negligence claims are handled by medical malpractice lawyers every year in United Kingdom. It is in view of acquired complications and injuries of the claimant, that court decides the amount of compensating award. In most unfortunate cases where poor patient suffers to death out of deadly MRSA, huge compensating money is given to victim’s family. medical negligence