Understanding Swtor Credits

Nowadays, a new kind of addiction has risen these past few years; the addiction of video games. There are millions of them and this list can go on and on for several pages but still won’t end. Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) is one of the games that will top this list. It’s an online role playing game that is massively played by multiple players which is depicted in the Star Wars universe.

There has always been some speculation about SWTOR credits. It’s not like any other credit; it is the credit you earn by playing the game. In easier words it is the currency of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Since the game has been released, all the players want to find out desperately how to earn more credits in lesser time. All the crafts in the game can earn you money but the trick is that there are some crafts which make earning money easier and faster than the others.

The best way to understand the game is to understand the economy with a slight difference that credits can be earned any point and time in the game from scratch and the key to earning them is patience and remember whenever you are earning someone is losing so be nice to the competitors or no one else would want to play with you.


This method is rated as one that makes the most money. This method is just a matter of supply and demand. The one who is able to make out this trend and alter his/her path makes the most money just buying at low rates but selling at a higher price. You need to find the material which is needed the most and conquer it by selling t higher rates. This method can be quiet risky at times as all you are doing is on your instincts.


This method is a moderate way of making money. This does not require the use of any crafts. Instead it entails a lot of searching missions. It is a gruesome task of running around the universe and collecting supply materials for crafting skills by going on different missions and selling those items on GTN.


It is a safe and easy method to earn credits. This method is somewhat similar to gathering and mission skills because it also includes running on errands and missions in the search of nodes. Once you get them they are used to craft armors, weapons and modes. Then these items are sold on GTN for profit. But selling the wrong item can result in no money at all.


In this method making money depends on you because you are the one who is going to provide a service based on your creativity. The more creative and useful your service is the more you will earn.


You can earn large amounts but only once by completing high level tasks and sell items that you received from questing on GTN.


The credit earned is enormous. This is earned by quests you choose to do but with the limitation of doing it only once in a day.

You can always choose and weigh by which method you want to earn the credits. Any method is worth making money so keep on playing and earning!. FOR more visit us on swtorgm.com.