Lesson teaching profound funny quotes

Existence of humour, in this universe, is much older than the existence of humans in this world and this fact is supported by chimps who know how to laugh when they find something funny. Psychological researchers are making remarkable success on the topic of humour from last few years but creating anything funny will never need any scientific research as some professional comedians have not taken any professional courses. 


Humour has become more inevitable in the stressful working environment like offices so most bosses have twisted their behaviour in order to increase the productivity of their employees. Most people, like bosses, will definitely need something humorous as well as thought provoking and this type of humorous quotes can be taken from the real lives of people. Real life’s lesson teaching incidents can be quoted to employees in humorous ways to make them comfortable in office environment and also teach them some lesson. 


Murphy’s Law explains the above mentioned points in very nice manner as it states that a person will believe if you tell him there are 5 billion stars in the universe but he will definitely have to touch the bench if you tell him there is wet paint on it. This is one of the most famous funny quotes often described as the touching of hot plates just to confirm if they are really hot or not. This is also the quote that tell lesson to people who want to risk everything just to run for the things that do not already have in their lives.


Humour is the thing that sticks with most of the people in this world but anything humorous cannot always be interesting for everyone. The quality of humour that makes it interesting for everyone is if the humorous quote has some life lesson in it. Some quotes lose their value because they need some explanation at the end so this will decrease the fun related to them.


Mignon McLaughlin says that everything doubles it value after you lose it and this tells a very deep lesson along with a slight touch of humour. This is the problem faced by billions of people in this universe that they never care for the birds in hand and always run for the birds in bushes. This running behind other things will need them to let go of the previous things they have in their life but the value of those things is known as soon as they lose them.


Someone unknown also said that the most annoying thing in an argument is the point when you realise that you are wrong. This quote teaches a very deep lesson and makes the reader realise that he can also be wrong at any point so he must think thoroughly before stepping into any argument. This will save him from getting embarrassment and this caution before arguments can decrease the number of people who just want to jump into any argument all the time and other people uncomfortable at the same time. For more information visit us on dabsmagazine.com/.