Misdiagnosis, a silent but Menacing type of Medical Negligence


All different sorts of medical diagnostic errors and related complications have been elaborated in this article. It will help you understand gravity of misdiagnosis and related medical negligence  claims.

What would be your reaction if you come to know that your doctor has misdiagnosed your condition? Naturally, you would be filled with anger. If it has been in real and you have been made to suffer repercussions of a wrong medical diagnosis, you can go filing misdiagnosis medical negligence claims. Whether it is a case of misdiagnosing an illness by your GP who negligently ignores the visible symptoms of your condition, or it is about being mistakenly diagnosed with a disease that is later proved to be non-existent, both of these scenarios can be well compensated by misdiagnosis medical negligence claims. Usually, any form of medical misdiagnosis can lead to detrimental upshots for the person under treatment, especially if he is already in discomfort and pain owing to his condition. 

There are different types of misdiagnosis medical negligence claims filed annually in United Kingdom, most of the which are made against inflicted conditions and injuries such as undiagnosed broken bones or fractures, blood clots or deep thrombosis in veins, meningitis, misdiagnosis of epilepsy and other neurological problems, cancer misdiagnosis, and undiagnosed hospital-borne infections etc. In some situations these misdiagnosis can turn life threatening for the patient if his condition remains undiscovered for a long time. Misdiagnosis medical negligence claims constitute a major part of malpractice cases annually reported in UK; according to a report released by Telegraph in 2009, about one out of six patients in the country has to face misdiagnosis every day. In minor cases, the possible repercussions of misdiagnoses can easily be ignored, but there are different types of misdiagnosis claims where in adverse physical and emotional impacts have been brought in by mere negligent diagnosis of patient’s condition.

Potential impacts of a wrong or misdiagnosis may be minor to disastrous. You cannot just overlook the need of misdiagnosis claims if you have luckily saved the troubles. Just imagine how terrible it could be if your condition were serious enough to cause you death. Many of untoward patients reach the edge of irrecoverable damages and disabilities just on account of their illnesses being misdiagnosed by their doctors on right time. For instance, a minor fracture if left undiagnosed can lead to nerve damage, bone mal-union, limb angulation, disfigurements or

permanent movement disabilities. Also consider misdiagnosis medical negligence claims wherein either cancer patients or those mistakenly diagnosed with cancer have to suffer dangerous upshots of this medical negligence. But how come a trained and qualified medical professional happen to show such blunder and incur misdiagnosis medical negligence claims against him? In fact, it is mostly unintentional that doctor fails in recognising the actual condition or out of some work load patient’s medical test reports are misinterpreted. However, be it intentional or unintentional, medical professionals are not supposed to act so negligently and endanger the life of their patients. They are accountable for it.

If you fear that misdiagnosis medical negligence claims against your GP would hurt his professional reputation or career, cut it off–by claiming this negligence you are just going to avail your legal right and question the duty of care of your doctor. Moreover, your claim against any negligent medical practice would help other preventing the injuries you had to endure unnecessarily.



There are also many fallacies about legal processes that keep the deserving victims from achieving their compensations. Don’t bother any misconception, since legal proceedings are fairly transparent and misdiagnosis claims are successfully dealt with in courts. So, all you have to dare is seek an experienced medical negligence  lawyer to represent your case on your behalf. If you really have suffered some misdiagnosis, and you can prove it, you will surely win equitable compensations against your acquired losses. medical negligence