The legendary Pirates

Blackbeard was a famous known pirate of his times and he had developed his terror over the people and because of him, that period was known as Golden Period of Piracy. Blackbeard was a businessman as well as an expert pirate. His actual name was Edward. Blackbeard became a part of the Benjamin Hornigold’s crew in 1716. After seeing a potential in Edward, Hornigold promoted him to his command of the ship “the adventure”. Now, they had got more power to defeat the enemies. However, the command was in fear of local sailors and commands.

However, Blackbeard always tried his level best to not to fight but he was unable to keep himself away from the fights because of his deadly fighting attitude.

Stede Bonnet:

Stede Bonnet was not a pirate rather; he belonged to Barbados and was gentleman. Later on, he decided to become a pirates’ captain. He passed an order to build a ship for him but when he moved away from port, he raised a black flag in search of prizes. Later on, Bonnet was terribly wounded and pirates started to beg Blackbeard to take the command of the ship which was named as “the Revenge”.

Blackbeard had acquired two ships and along with that, he also conquered another ship which was later on named as Queen Anne’s Revenge. The ship was loaded with 40 guns. This ship eventually became a flagship of Blackbeard and now, he had three ships with almost 150 pirates over them. Fear of Blackbeard was spread throughout in Atlantic and Caribbean. If you read the glossary of ships, you will know about the tools that were used by both fighters to fight against each other.

Death of Blackbeard:

Local sailors were now tired of this haunting of Blackbeard across the North Carolina. They took the protest and complaints to the Governor and head of Virginia, Alexander Spotswood. Spotswood doesn’t like pirates and then he fired 50 soldiers and sailors. Lieutenant Robert Maynard was given the command to head the sailors and soldiers. In order to follow the ships of Blackbeard, Spotswood also provided two light ships to the Maynard.

The battle carried on between the two commands: one of Maynard and other of Blackbeard. Biographies of pirates named Maynard and Blackbeard are available on the internet and studied all over the world at a great extent. When Blackbeard was about to kill Maynard, another sailor attacked Blackbeard with sword on his neck and killed. Afterwards, when the soldiers of Blackbeard heard that their commander has been killed, they also surrendered.

However, the death of Blackbeard made him legend afterwards. He was assumed to be an example for the pirates and a symbol of adventures and freedom.

Weapons of Blackbeard:

Blackbeard and his soldiers used blunderbuss and flintlock pistols to fight with their enemies. While using Flintlock pistol, the trigger was pulled and suddenly, the ball was triggered towards the enemy. There was a long barrel of blunderbuss in order to attack the enemy with anything you want. It can be even a glass. When the blunderbuss was fired, it had the ability to kill several people at one time. In the battle Maynard, Blackbeard has six of these guns. However, the pirates also had various blades including cutlasses and swords and Blackbeard had both sword as well as the cutlass.