What are Misdiagnosis Negligence Claims?

Usually, surgical blunders are considered one of the main reasons behind malpractice lawsuits, but the skyrocketing number of such cases cannot be accounted for without considering misdiagnosis negligence claims. As diagnosis is the fundamental step in any kind of medical treatment, any negligence or slipup on part of physicians could lead to disastrous consequences for patient’s health – a wrong or incomplete diagnosis can instigate unnecessary suffering for the patient and may create complications for treatment. However, if patients suspect some problem in their diagnosis, they can legally pursue misdiagnosis negligence claims against the doctor responsible for error.


Various questions might occur to you like what makes a doctor fail in correctly identifying the symptoms, and how could misdiagnosis negligence claims help victims recover their damages? As to the first question, doctors are not infallible creature – they could be inefficient or incompetent in their practice, and there might be other factors contributing to diagnosis mistakes. More often than not, hospitals and clinics are overcrowded with patients for whom each doctor has to take extra work load than he could handle easily; this overstretching makes doctors more exhausted and vulnerable to misdiagnosis. No one would happily invite the nuisance of misdiagnosis negligence claims. It is mostly accidental or unintentional mistake in rightly comprehending disease symptoms that results in troubles for patients as well as doctors.


For all-out understanding of misdiagnosis negligence claims, it is important to be familiar with different types of diagnostic errors such as misdiagnosis or failure to identify any disease, wrong diagnosis or identifying patients with a disease that they do not have actually, or not recommending patients to further tests and screenings even though it is necessary. All these diagnostic errors may bring damaging results. Whether your disease remains unidentified or GP prescribe you a medication based on a wrong diagnosis, in both conditions law gives you a right to make misdiagnosis negligence claims in the court. However, your success would be up to the court and the proofs you have against the physician.


When you file misdiagnosis negligence claims, it will first be analyzed by medical experts of the same field as that of the doctor you are accusing for diagnosis negligence. These experts will thoroughly review your medical reports in logical perspective to find the traces of any medical negligence that you are claiming to have occurred. As they act as a third party, they are supposed to be impartial in their assessments, which is why their opinion is considered authentic in the court.


If misdiagnosis negligence claims are validated by these medical experts, court will its verdict in your favor, and you will be given as much compensation as you have suffered due to doctor’s negligence. All of your physical, financial and emotional losses that you had to face due to misdiagnosis will be considered and compensated accordingly. If the victim unfortunately has died from misdiagnosis, their relatives will receive the misdiagnosis negligence claims awards on his behalf. The responsible doctor can be banned from practicing thereafter in more serious cases.