Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis Negligence Claims

Breast cancer is the most common and increasingly spreading disease among women. If we talk about its symptoms, the well-known one is the presence of lumps in breasts. Though these lumps could be formed because of various other reasons, they are most commonly misdiagnosed as breast cancer and become the reason for misdiagnosis negligence claims. Hundreds of women across the world have to face this unfortunate medical negligence that not only brings about mental suffering but makes many women go through dreadful cancer treatment unnecessarily. On the other hand, there also have been some misdiagnosis negligence claims where doctors fail in diagnosing any problem until cancer reaches an advanced stage where no treatment could save the patient. If any one of these malpractice you are subjected to, you can file misdiagnosis negligence claims in trial courts.


In just last decade, the number of breast cancer misdiagnosis negligence claims has become double, which is an alarming figure. One might attribute to different factors for this rapid increase in misdiagnosis negligence claims, but it could be due to diagnostic hurdles. Loads of tests and screenings are required to correctly identify this disease, and neither the doctors nor patients usually like to go through this long procedure – relying on just one or two simple scan reports doctor try to diagnose the condition, which is definitely beyond accuracy. Such inaccurate breast cancer diagnosis eventually leads to misdiagnosis negligence claims through which liable medical practitioners have to pay for their negligent and inefficient practice.


Misdiagnosis negligence claims can be greatly minimized if doctors start performing careful diagnosis. There is no reason doctors cannotcorrectly and timely diagnose this disease if they strictly follow a defined roadmap and conduct all necessary tests before reaching any diagnostic conclusion.In order to ensure diagnosis accuracy, doctors should conduct mammogram, ultrasound and biopsyof patient’s breast tissues. However, it would still leave the room for wrong interpretation of test results – most of diagnostic mistakes occur because test results are not rightly understood. They are mostly young women who are found to make misdiagnosis negligence claims, it might be due to the fact that they have denser breast tissues and their breast screening is often misinterpreted.


Just like other cancers, breast cancer also needs to be diagnosed at early stages in order to have better recovery chances for the patient. But if you have lost your chances of recovery because doctors could not timely diagnose your disease, don’t make another loss by evading misdiagnosis negligence claims against the responsible practitioner. Though legal claims can’t rewind the clock, but you would at least get your rightful compensation and negligent doctor will get his rightful penalty. You can find numerous law specialists who have extensive experience in misdiagnosis negligence claims and can help you win your case. In case your claim is approved, you can not only be awarded monetary recompense but medical and emotional rehabilitation will also be provided to you. The best thing is, you will not have to pay any legal fee if you win your case.