Where Can You Find Pests In House?


At times, it could be heart breaking to realize that you really don’t know every bit of your house, to discover that there has been a bed bug settling since long in your cupboards, to know that your kitchen has hundreds of cockroaches in corner and to know that thousands of termites are around eating your furniture eventually turning everything to powder.

Hunting for pests in house is a more difficult job than Sherlock’s. There are multiple measures available to be safe from pests but the catch is in locating them. Here are few logical places where you can look to hunt these beasts:

1.       Basement: Basement is the most susceptible place for pests to reside. With no continuous access, very little sunlight and ample amount of humidity, basement becomes an obvious choice for pests to infest and grow. Silverfish and moth can be found in abundance if the basement wasn’t used for long.


2.       Under the furniture: Cockroaches, rodents and termites always hide under the heavy furniture which is seldom moved. These are smart enough to find places to hide. Most pests do not prefer living in light. Under the furniture is a place where light hardly reaches.


3.       Behind cupboards: The cupboards and walls usually have a small gap of 5 mm between them. This gap is inaccessible to humans for cleaning purpose. Usually no light passes through this gap. Hence this also becomes an obvious choice for lizards, spiders and bed bugs to grow.


4.       Kitchen: Kitchen is a place which is a best source for food. Also it has lots of moisture and water. Pests can grow around a corner which is not accessible. A foul smell indicates infestation of pests. Kitchen sewage is where cockroaches dwell. The drainage waste has enough ingredients for the rodents to survive. Cleaning regularly, keeping place dry and covering food always will help to keep your kitchen clean.


5.       Book shelves: It could be unbelievable, but huge bookshelves can be a place for worms to exist. If humidity levels are high and the books kept aren’t moved for long duration, then do expect some worms to welcome you. Dusting on regular basis and little exposure to sunlight can help in solving the issue.


6.       Bathroom: Bathroom is moist for most of the day and hence susceptible to moth growth. Silverfish are also found at times in places around bathroom. Use of disinfectants continuously can help in avoiding these pests.

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