Deluded Mind: The Most Anticipated Horror Game of the Year

The manifestation of fearsome, thrilling, exhilarating and blood-curdling horror game can shudder a gamer into the squeals of terror and excitement. Deluded Mind is certainly the most anticipated horror game of the year as it possesses the nerve-wracking horror genre combined with the highest standards of game play and graphics. The game play itself not only delineates exceptional levels of horror gaming narratives, but it also redefines the innovative advancement in horror game rendering.


Pyxton Studios UG (limited liability) is all set to publish the first official video of Deluded Mind. The first video demonstrates the initial game play experience, visualization and graphical performance of the game. It took six months for Pyxton Studios UG game developers to come up with such high quality graphical standards. This game is quite different as compared to several other horror games available in the market. The thrilling and horror gaming scenario that one can attain in this game makes it dissimilar from others along with its exceptional game play experience.


Similarly, the game distinguishes itself from usual indie horror games because of the story-based description. The main plot of the game centers around an FBI Agent named Dean Catcall whose daughter was killed by a criminal group. The game encompasses some unflinchingly and thrilling game play moments. It also includes heart-grippingly and horrific scenario that can certainly force the player to keep on experiencing them. Since the game comprises of a novel and story-based description, it also allows the player to attain an emotional level of attachment. This also leads to thrill and excitement in horror gaming experience.


Furthermore, the sounds and visual designing of the game simply makes it an incomparable horror gaming experience. Deluded Mind can be regarded as a masterpiece of visual design, effects, sounds and graphical performance. It was only made possible due to the extensive experience and expertise of the developers at Pyxton Studios UG (limited liability). One of the major reasons why this game has some exceptional game rendering, visual design and graphics is because of Unreal Engine 4.


The developers of this game utilized the maximum aptitudes of the Unreal Engine 4 to ensure that the levels of visual design, rendering and graphical performance sets the game apart. The realistic sound design of this particular game also enhances the overall experience. Moreover, results that are closer to reality and better in quality for the character animation have been attained with the usage of motion capture.


The physiological, emotional and subtle collaboration with the game play, visualization and effects allows the players to experience the game at the best heights. This is another reason that there’s a great sensation and anticipation of the game prior to its release later this year. However, after looking at the first video of the game, a professional gamer can certainly determine and evaluate the high quality horror gaming experience of Deluded Mind. The overall atmosphere of the game has been designed with such excellence and brilliance that the player will certainly feel the thrill and sensation of finest standard horror game play.